Loop password request

On my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra I could play Heartstone without any problem. Yesterday I got disconnected. Since then, I try to reconnect to my account and when I enter my password in the blizzard page, I return to the game page which seems to load. But instead of opening my account so that I can play, the game returns me to the login page, without stopping. I cleared cache, data, and even ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the game, to no avail. Always the same problem. I have another phone, a Huawei P30 Pro and no issues with it and for my PC it works number one. I even cleared chrome browser cache and data in my S22 and even that doesn’t seem to work. My phone is not rooted and original. All phone updates and applications are done.

I bought my phone a few weeks ago so I don’t really understand the problem or how to solve it.


I have the same problem
No solutions from blizzard
The game works if i choose I’m New and not login… Wierd

Had the same issues–had to just change my password. Use the forgot password option and it’ll be fixed immediately.

Same problem i cant play 5 days

same issue here.

I have tried differet login methods (linked accounts), changing passwords and reinstalled app.

Works fine on PC.

Fix the mobile clients please.

I had the same problem. I changed default browser to Chrome and I was able to log in. Finally!

If your android phone’s language is not English, set it to English, then retry. It worked for me…

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