Looking for a hearthstone coach

My current coach is excellent however he charges $40 per hour so I can’t afford to get as many lessons as I would like. Is this the right place to post this?

Yeh there are some good players scyla mogu shroud etc man i did not know its that expensive for a coach.

You can also post replays and ask other players to help analyse your replays that way you understand what you did wrong.

What Is your current rank and what is your desired rank?

not sure why your getting a coach but hs ranked play use an algorythm for cards order

basicly it auto-arrange both players decks to snowball as much as possible(although its not a perfect algoryth)…seem to fail identifying cards which affect cost(loatheb,rebuke,Nerub,watchpost)

the algorythm also track for synergies(so it will force some cards to pop early as well)
if you run “Breath of Dream” for say early game 2 mana card…even if you only have like 4 dragons, that card alone with increase your odd to fish a dragon quickly

in other words, its a puzzle to solve(if you guess wrong you loose advantage)
dont forget that i said algorythm isn’t perf(so the card order might get mess up a bit)

if you self engineer a deck you need to select cards which work well together(its much harder to engineer a deck than solve the puzzles your given)

in Arena case idk how it work when you select cards(danged thing still elude me XD)…everytime i tryed arena i ended up with some supra garbo list XD despite trying to balance it out in removals//cost wise

if your playing ranked though…screw coaching…wont be much use(gotta know exactly when to play a card base on board state, whats in your hand, when to commit lot of value and when to hold back to not get severe lost) + top deck expectation(honestly, being able to know whats gonna be top deck is a lot harder to read and isn’t a 100% guess everytime…more like a 70% guess success if your a rly great player

although warning ahead(dont try to guess whats your top deck untill you are more experienced at the game, thats not something you be able to do untill your more experienced(at least unlikely)(dredge card also require experience if you play druid as you need the necessary mana if you want said draw at X turn…like if you dont got a good idea of whats gonna show up it will backfire and you wont draw

alright i leave it at this…may you get a nice headache from the reading XD


Why do you have coaching, want to go championships?

Where did you find this information?

This isn’t true, either …

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Yes I want to go to the championships…it’s a silly dream but that’s why my name is silly

Ok apparently minimum wage in USA is $7.25. I’m offering $8.00 per hour usd for a hearthstone coach. You don’t need to be famous you just need to have hit legend at least once and must be comfortable coaching on discord. I’m looking to have 2 hour sessions for the rest of my life until I become world champion which will most probably never happen but it’s good to have a dream


card arrangement pattern been notice over a lot of matches…i dont even need to look at the coding for that…with like 15000+ matches done you notice it

your free to look for the coding if you want proof but i dont think mining for the code is along your knowledge alley

anyway if me being observant isn’t enough proof for ya…just do the above if you can otherwise pointless for me to convince ya otherwise…i only have basic knowledge when it come to code script…so i would not be able to mine it out for ya and assuming i could…i dont think giving you the lines of script coding would be readable for ya

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I recommend you to look for someone, who hit legend at this expansion. I hit legend 7 times before, last time at 2020, and I would refuse coaching for money. Coach should be somebody, who hit legend recently.

Confirmation bias

I first learned to program in 1978!

See above comment …

Your comments are just offensive nonsense.

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You’re asking someone to SELL you something in this case coaching sessions. I’m sure any decent coach worth YOUR time will recognize the value of what they are selling you and charge more.

Also, that’s the FEDERAL minimum wage. At least where I’m from, if you want someone to work for you, you’re offering $10-12.

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well then you can search for the algorythm coding then if your able to(or even care for that matter)…but for confirmation bias thats big talk…same as telling the cops the hints they find on a crime scene are invalid…although honestly, think what ya want, not gonna change anything

also sure…take it as offensive…ppl able to script on the forum would rather be quite the low chance, the chance you would been legit was actually pretty low %

I was hoping you didn’t give your trolling away on the second post. Good one though. This was entertaining. Which is more than you can say about Hearthstone these days.