Leaving instead of Conceding


Normally I don’t get tilted fast, but the other day I did. Got smacked down really fast and knew I had lost. Spent that turn not figuring out how to survive, but whether to concede or just ragequit. I ended up going for the option that would cost them more time, no regrets.


If I see the rope at any point during first few turns you are either losing or waiting it outwhen I lose. I don’t even close the app I just flip my phone and let you play that crap out till the last HP.


You will soon realize that the players in this game are full of a-holes.

And like “the rotten apple spoils the whole bunch”, they will cause you to become one, too.


Amazing! LOl! Nope, I rage close all the time. In a prolonged match that’s swinging back and forth, I stay till the end either way.
Being overwhelmed on turn 4 or 5 sucks, especially if you know your deck.


@Slimjim, I don’t quite understand the thought process on this. Since when you quit, you close the game down then have to restart. That takes more effort then just a quick concede. At least in a concede I can start up another game faster then having to wait for the Inn to pop up then go to the play section then play.

If you think doing that would irritate me, think again. I can always tell when someone quits and I just laugh over an easy win. Because I realize you have to restart the game to begin playing again.

The thought process on this is mind boggling.


@op there are two kinds of players. Those with sportsmanship and those without. Nothing you can do about this lacking. Just do your best to remember it’s just a game and you shouldn’t let it get to you. Besides, ragers are funny little people.


I concede if I know I won’t win and if the opponent is respectful. If I am facing an emoter, I simply minimize the client and let them play by themselves while I watch youtube or Netflix. Sorry lame, hearthstone may be the focus of your life but not mine.


Another Example of why I always leave vs concede.

The RNG is too perfect. Specific cards always shoeing up exactly on the same turns even though 1/30.

But I try a new Silence Priest vs and old version of Dbl Health topsy turvy Priest.

Stalemate for 9 turns. I drop Grizzly he has Mind Control on turn 10 takes the Grizz and the board Swing.

Well I got what I got so is he has some silence or second Mindcontrol after too bad it is what it is. I make a 28/28 minion beat down the taunt stolen and see what happens cause I win next turn.

Didn’t have Mind Control but had…

Deathwing. Well there ya go the RNG inserting another one between the legs. No cards for either of us - I got nothing for Deathwing so…

Time to leave and get a drink or a PBJ, bio break or something. Since the RNG is so horrible in the game I say screw sportsmanship. If Streamers are any indication of what happens when that portrait blows up and they got some ridiculous ending they laugh and giggle and really enjoy that explosion. I do my best to deny that happiness.

It makes me happy the way you think of me (see above).


Todays Daily.

Play X Mage cards. Meh okay.

First Opponent in Casual

Bomb Warrior

Drop those Gobos
Equip that Wrenchcailbur

Ah I see you chose Casual for the challenge? I did beat one warrior today out of 5 using my style of play. Got the friend request :slight_smile:

^ This is what makes the game fun for me since doing daily and the game design itself does not.


  1. If Rover has a X percent chance of dropping on turn 1. Why does it happen EVERY match? Should be at least once where it doesn’t.
  2. Why does Captain Greenskin drop on 5 such a common thin when its a 1/30 card?
  3. Why is Blastermaster Boom or the other Legend there on 7 so frequently?


Off-topic, is it possible to ignore posters? And if so, how?


You still dont get it. You leaving instead of conceding is the funniest thing in this game.

I usually look over to my girlfriend and say “look at this guy, so triggered he has ragequit” then the your opponent has left comes and we both laugh out loud.


The only time I quit over concede is when I’m playing on lunch break and the match runs too long. Then the Cruel Taskmaster shows up “Back to work!”


My personal opinion is that a disconnect should be an immediate loss.


i leave my game all the time. Don’t play toxic decks next time.


Lol, it is so funny they closed the game instead of conceding, i can’t help but laughing…


I think people probably leave when they feel their integrity is insulted.

There was an article within the last couple of months, how many subscriptions did Activision-Blizzard lose when they implemented the pairing/RNG system? Something like 70%? RNG is account wide which means you have the same RNG parameters across every Activision-Blizzard game you play.

I raided 14 weeks straight and spam ran M+ back to back, (10 freehold runs, 10 AD runs, 15 TD runs) and never once got a single boss drop. On week 15 I got kicked from my raid team because my entire team was ilevel 415 and doing a minimum of 24k dps, I was still ilevel 405 and still doing 16k. I literally bought my gear. My three Azerite items from a vendor, I crafted my legs and my feet, the neck of course is a hand out as is the cloak. Any trinkets or rings I have were given to me by someone who already had them equipped… one of them is still ilevel 390 and I just got a 400 from pvp today. I experience this same miserable RNG in Hearthstone. It never fails, Activision will only draw from the highest cards in my deck for the first 6 turns. By turn 7 the game is over.

I feel like I don’t want to dignify the win. It sucks being on the famine side of RNG.

Not a dime will be spent.