Leaving instead of Conceding


I honestly can’t remember the last time my opponent conceded in constructed mode. I concede games all the time when it’s clear that I’ve lost or I’m in casual and go up against decks I don’t like. But it seems like whenever I get a big tempo swing or manage to survive my opponent’s resources, they just leave, costing me an extra few minutes. I imagine this is them flipping the metaphorical bird to save some pride.

Does it seem like the frequency of leavers has drastically increased in the last couple months?


I always leave versus concede. Deny my opponent the happy ending feeling.


Simple. Todays Quest is to play 50 Merlocs. Actually had a good opening had. Had 2 brrlocs to keep the Warrior frozen after the coined and played Blood Razor.

First of all though. Major shock got a merlon rush deck and get Warrior as an opponent. 2nd major shock they had Blood Razor ready to go.

3rd and final shock actually had this person at 10 hp 4 merlocs and a Warleader in hand.

Ah old Turn 5 Zilliax today and every day Zilliax in turn 5 is there. So, don’t care what folks say and random matchups and random RNG - its all way to common. So…I do what I do.


It sounds like this warrior managed to not simply fall over for you in the first three turns. Doesn’t even sounds like you were out of steam. That Zilliax would heal him for a total of 6…

So you left because you didn’t win by turn 5?


enemies always concede against my combo deck though. they never leave lol.


after that I could freeze him any more. He wiped my board following turn. I tossed out 3 more Murlocs and then he played the usual taunt minions - specifically the mech thats takes 1 dmg make another taunt per 1 dmg. I dont have Shaman Quest. Just basic Murlocs against typical Warrior cut down deck. So yep got in my merlocs - leave grab a drink come back. And now Spectral Cutlass Rogue. What do Rogues always do? Sap but more specifically Vanish on turn 6. And Dk Valeera on turn 9 right on cue as usual. Along with double preparations, double evasion, sprint etc etc etc - you know how the pattern goes. So, will get out my Murlocs as many as I can - finish the daily and be done. See if I feel like playing Whizbang later on today.


I have just rage closed the game before, but I do feel like a jerk afterwards. Sometimes watching you’re face explode is just too painfull. LoL


I’m still not understanding how it benefits you to leave, instead of concede and then start another game.


Actually its the opposite. I allways laugh out loud when aggro players rage quits instead of conceding. Its one of the reasons i continue to play this game. Your opponent has left Beautiful!

Ps. I play warrior a lot.


I always figured you earned more XP the longer a game lasted (Screw me for not having all Heroes capped yet?) - So I tend to mix both the denial of the opponents satisfaction of “delivering the final blow” while waiting it out. If I know I’m dead I tend to wait til the rope explodes and then concede - Or if a super combo is inc (Like the Mage combo Toast posted here the other day with the 60 damage Cinderstorm) I let the mage play Vargoth - THEN I concede.


But…but…you’re supposed to be outraged, nerd raging all over the place. How am I suppose to feel better knowing that I hit the nerve on you?!?


My opponents leaving isn’t often. They usually concede when they understand that they can’t win the match.


Pretty common in ranks 5 and above.


Really? On NA servers at 4-leg I very very rarely see people leave, they just concede and requeue. I would think that leaving would be more of a problem with lower ranks. If you’ve gotten to higher on ladder you better have gotten used to losing, because it’s gonna happen a lot.


I sometimes do it and usually feel bad afterwards. But I have a bit of a temper, and sometimes the choice is concede or throw the keyboard against the wall. And I can’t afford to buy keyboards that often.


sometimes I do this by accidet, i the reope the game, reconnect ad concede

Dont forget some people plaw on there phone, its actually easier to close the app, tha concede

I always pity these people that rope, ragequit, dont greet, dont do the well played
(or aswer a well played with thaks)


I never leave unless I disconnect, but man, Frost (b)Lich Jaina/jan’alai/Odd Mage decks make me want to kill myself.

So I just rope every turn for them so they feel the same pain, or at least a portion of it.


Some people have good sportsmanship and some don’t. I always concede and never quit, even after a frustrating loss.


you’re not denying any happy feeling. you’re providing the happy feeling. you throw a hissyfit because you run an aggro deck and cant just toss out minions and win. instead you throw a hissyfit and its hilarious. your tears taste like fruit punch.


If I know it’s going to be my last game for that session, I’ll X out, usually because it’s just faster than conceding. Life’s too short to hit ESC, and then click concede.


There might be a chance that some people who leave are on mobile phones or tablets. It’s easy to pocket the phone or otherwise switch out when a game has gone south and you want to move on to do other things. I know I’ve done that a few times, not thinking to officially concede before turning my phone off. Just a thought.