Lags since patch 19.6

I already did a post about the same thing in the community discussion to know if i was alone… without much sucess… so i’ll try here, this time with the goal to get a blizz response/help.

I’m mainly playing battlegrounds, never had any problem. But since patch 19.6 (it worked perfectly when i was playing just before downloading it)… i encounter massive freeze during my battleground games.
To the point where fight animations are so long, that i end up with like… 5 seconds to do my tavern turn. I also freeze during thoses turns while trying to move any minion.
I got no internet problems (everything else runs just fine, i also check it when i encounter the freezes)… i play with every graphic config as low as possible… i even tried to increase the priority of HS via task manager… all without results.
It all started as soon as 19.6 came.

(i’ll also precise, it just dont come and go… it’s EVERY game. First turn goes without problem, but as soon as it start to have multiple minions on board, or multiple actions to do during tavern turn… i’ll get 3 seconds free… 6 seconds freeze… 3…6…3…6… something like that)

it’s been 11 days without a game, sadly. I would appreciate any possible help, please.

Don’t worry, it isn’t on your end. I have the same problem on my pc and my specs are way beyond the requirements for hearthstone. They broke the game for half their players and don’t seem to care.

up, still need a blue post pls <3

i’ll add this link to a BG of Dog (post 19.6) where he kinda freeze a lot too. Even if i have it like 10 times harder than him. But you can see the game freezing during tavern turns multiple times, and time to time, freeze in combats when minions attack.
Got the same, but the freeze last longer, and i encounter it way more often. But it’s basically exactly the same type.

You can check the entire fight vs N’zoth around 11:45 to see the freezes when minions attacks. And the tavern turn after this fight is laggy too.
Just imagine that each time HE freezes, i do freeze for 5 seconds.