Kobolds and Catacombs with Warrior?

So i’ve completed the Dungeon runs with every other class except Warrior. I’ve fought and beaten over 300 bosses as Warrior on and off whenever I’ve been bored, but can’t quite complete any runs with them.
It generally comes down to a lack of card draw, no win conditions against bosses who counter everything I play or just plain bad luck.
Anybody have any tips? Because despite following what guides say are good treasure and loot options it never quite cuts it.

I think you pretty much just have to get really lucky. It’s been a while since I did the dungeon run with warrior, but I know I took the justicar’s ring passive treasure. I was iffy on it for warrior since armor doesn’t help you control the board or kill the boss directly, but it gives so much extra armor that it turned out to help a lot. Plus there’s a few cards that you can draft that key off your armor like reckless fury and shield slam.

If you can get that kobold (Geomancer Yip?) that summons minions based on your armor you can cheat out a lot of strong free minions.


I got treasure for permanent invisibility and treasure for +1/+1. Only after that, I could rushed the final boss. Was around 100+ bosses

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Warrior was by far the hardest class to win with in OG Dungeon Run.

You really just have to get lucky with your decks an encounters. When I finished a run with Warrior, I had pretty much lost the game and had to rely on Rod of Roasting to win.

Just keep going until you get an OP deck, preferably one with Captured Flag since it’s by far the best passive.


I’ve played a ton of Catacombs, and kept stats (at least 7 wins with each class). Warrior was middle of the range difficulty. I found Rogue to be the hardest (unless you managed a Jade deck).

its been too long since I last played Catacombs though, so I can’t give you specific advice. If you can wait a day or two I’ll try playing it again and let you know if it brings back any memories.

I have a vague memory that Warrior offers you some expensive minions, so the “Max cost 5 for minions” gives good value, but I could be easily mixing that up with one of the other Dungeon Runs.

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So I gave it a go and won on my second try with Warrior. That included a level 7 Candlebeard (one of the tougher non-final bosses) and a level 8 Togwaggle. My treasures were Crystal Gem (generally good), Potion of Vitality (not good on its own but useful for pushing a generally good deck over the top). Treasures were Wax Rager (excellent) and Bag of Coins (situational).

My deck was fairly balanced

  • 1 mana - 2 cards
  • 2 mana - 6 cards
  • 3 mana - 7 cards
  • 4 mana - 2 cards
  • 5 mana - 4 cards
  • 7+ mana - 11 Cards

Removal Spells - 3 cards
Spells (other) - 2 cards
Weapons - 2 cards

General strategy was to try to play for tempo and survive long enough to drop my big cards.

It did require some luck of the draw for the last two bosses. But roguelike games always do.

My earlier memory was correct. Warrior gets offered some big buckets so the “Max 5 mana minions” treasure is a good one. But remember to keep enough fast cards in your deck to get to 5 mana.