Just had an Arena match against a DK

…with x4 Staff of Primus , x2 Down with the Ship, and x1 Distressed Kvaldir.

X4 Staff of Primus …and he still had 16 cards left in his deck when he …finished me off. Imagine how many he may still had.

In before “…rng is rng”, yes, I know. Some days ago I added a guy who used x4 Reap What You Sow and he replyed to me “DUDE!! I have 7 in my deck LOL”.

Yea, rng, but I have never, ever, ever…ever had this kind of RNG and I played so many times in Arenas. The problem is that I don’t want to have this RNG.

I want Blizzard to PUT a stupid limit as to how many copies of a card you can get when you make your deck.

x7 card of the same is …spell that with me Blizzard : PATHETIC.

I mean I know, Blizzard in general is pathetic this “days” , aka years. So yea …