Just delete Priest

If your one of your legendaries in an expansion makes it so you MUST exclude the other class legendary AND one of the other best cards in the expansion, do you even want people to play the class?

Paladin cards almost ALL work in one deck, especially the legendaries.

But the Priest cards are underwhelming at best.

Sure, you have a quest line for a insta-kill.

But you have to have perfect curve to kill on turn 10, which can be counter spelled.

And that is your best shot.

Did we give you some great stall? No.
Did we give you massive heals? No.
Did we give you hard clears? No.

But you did get a Demon Hunter level Silence.
Just can’t run it in a shadow deck.

The expansion for Priest has no vision, cohesion, or meaningful thought design wise.

If you don’t like the class and literally don’t want players to succeed while playing it, maybe, as a designer, you should rotate the class out and take a good hard look at what you are trying to accomplish with the class.

Right now it looks like a bad Arena draft instead of a flavorful expansion.

As a Priest Player, just retire or rotate it out, anything is better than this.

It’s pathetic.

This post gives me “shaman before mini-set” vibes lol.

One can hope, because otherwise it really is the most slap-dash, amalgam of loose bolts in the idea bucket.

The two legendaries in a single set are usually designed for two different archetypes.

Like it literally just seems like you’re frustrated because all 10 new priest cards don’t go into the same deck necessarily? Even though the legendary is the only card that REQUIRES exclusion. But there’s no rule you have to run Benedictus if you don’t want the power he offers.

The whole point of Benedictus is to give Priest some proactive/aggro power while limiting their ability to draw games out. It’s a deck building challenge to start the game with a strong hero power.

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Look around at the other classes. Look at the past. Having 2 Legendary cards that don’t work well together is fairly common.

Let’s look 2 years ago at the last Quests:

  1. Paladin got a Quest almost impossible to complete with Highlander, and a Highlander card.
  2. Rogue got a burgle Quest that requires a significant burgle package, and a Deathrattle synergy Legendary.
  3. Warlock got a Lackey synergy Legendary that wants to go on a fast deck with lots of cheap cards, and a Quest that rewards a slow deck with expensive cards.
  4. Priest Quest works best in a slow Control deck that can actually heal a lot over time. The Legendary minion rewards spamming cheap minions to stick a DS/IF finisher.

What I trying to say is this, Priest got nerfed HARD before the expansion and the expansion does NOTHING to fix the holes made by the nerfs because barely half of the cards work together, and those DON’T work well with previous expansions.

With HSReplay stats on board running Priest of ANY kind means your win rate is 37% at best.

Imagine Hunter with a 37% win rate.

The class has been beaten into the ground with nerfs and given ill fitting leftovers as compensation.

Either rotate the class out at this point or just delete it, because as it stands getting a Priest legendary is like giving a bike to a fish. It’s real neat but effectively useless.

But please tell me how the top 1% of players can use Priest in a microcosm to be threatening so this level of overtuning is fine.

Priest is horrible right now thanks to everyone that complains about a control oriented class. Aggro players always get what they want when it comes to balance changes. I mean just look at how hunter and shaman have not been touched in months despite having such a ridiculous aggro power level. The devs are too scared to print actually strong priest cards because of such an irrationally toxic community hatred towards the class.