It's been a week and Dalaran Heist is still bugged


I paid 20 dollars for the Dalaran Heist. I literally can’t even play it because every time I click play it just goes blank and doesn’t allow me to start a game. I can’t even end the game so I literally can’t play the heist till blizzard fixes this game. I understand bugs happen, but over a week is getting ridiculous where I can’t even play the content that I paid for at all. There should honestly be some sort of refund at this point.


I agree! Considering that my game broke day 1 of the new adventure.


Same man, it sucks :frowning:


Either the problem is way more severe than it seems or they just don’t give a doodie. Gladly i never pay for adventures and have gold saved. However I’ve greatly anticipated this one and like everyone the frustration is mounting. I don’t assume to know anything about coding but any information at all would ease our minds as i have yet to find some. Thank you