Is Warlock's Hero Power useful?

Just started to play HS. Class - Warlock.
I see how other players with different classes successfully use Hero Power, and I almost never used it because never had a need. I always have enough cards in hand. And don’t have a problem with winning.
Meanwhile some articles say this Warlock’s power is one of the most powerful. And I can’t get what I’m missing here.

Card draw is just one of the most powerful tools in a card game, so having consistent access to it makes Warlock’s hero power particularly good. Card draw options have increased for pretty much every class since the early days of Hearthstone, so it may seem less necessary than it used to, but it can really help mitigate bad draws by allowing you to dig through your deck for more answers to your opponents’ plays.

in some metas, the ability to damage yourself at will, is relevant. just another use.

Warlock’s Hero Power (Life Tap) was considered one of the most powerful Hero Powers in the original Hearthstone because it could lead into different play strategies but they were more like exploits.

Now, the game has little-to-no value on Hero Powers other than mutating them through some collectible cards.