Is this stat true?

Just read that average game length is 4-7 turns right now. Thats a broad range, can it be narrowed down?

It IS believable. IIRC, average game length through most of the game has been 6-7 turns

Well Paladin and the rest of the aggro decks are averaging about 5-6 minutes per game and aggro paladin has about the same amount of games played than the next 3 most played decks COMBINED…so…yeah. We’re in hyper aggro meta.

If Paladin, Druid and DH hit their 1-4 curve correctly you basically lose on 5. Hunter can end it on 6 or 7. Everyone else is playing to survive till 7 and start playing the game at this point.

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This doesn’t align with my experience at all but I imagine there are a lot of premature concedes inflating this statistic.

Turn 4 is excessive.

Further, it depends on the rank. Maybe it’s true in Top Legend where the only deck that is played is Naga DH, but in lower ranks games go on longer.

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You don’t see that much Naga DH to be honest. Most people are playing Paladin and Druid in my experience. Shaman has gained a lot of traction over the last 24 hours too.

Honestly maybe some of the auras while well meaning are a bit overtuned for permanent effects.

Just went back to mess lightly with a dk and it was kinda sobering how DK had to pay 5 corpses + 4 mana for a 1 turn effect that competes with also being rune locked in a class that has nearly all expansion cards locked away.

And can be locked out of using it if it plays a marrowgar to reduce it to a 4 mana +1 attack.

And pally gets a effect that is basically a 3 turn grave strength but perma +2/1, no corpse requirement, turns the 2 mana 3/3 rushers into 5/1s, and arguably would still be fairly strong as even a 2 turn effect.

But lasts 3, which makes it long enough for Pally to curve into Countess while making any minion on the board able to snowball, and then by the time it expires, means you’re facing a 7/7 with 3 potential 2 mana to discover 0 mana legendaries. With a 2 mana 2/3 that turns your own attempts to contest the board into 1/1s.

Coincidentally, the game ending also in those 4-7 turns seems odd. Even turn 4 lethal was pretty abnormal outside of peak 1 mana 3/2 + 1/1 charge + 3/2 war axe pirate warrior and spriest even by wild power levels though.


No, stat isn’t believable. It’s been a while since I went over game length data, and there isn’t enough for the current meta, but in the United in Stormwind era it was 8 turns in Diamond and 7 turns in top Legend. And no it wouldn’t fluctuate that much. 4 and 5 turns are right out and anyone saying that that’s average now is just making numbers up.

An average of 6 turns would be a very fast meta and is barely within the realm of believable. I doubt even that but as I said I haven’t ran the numbers recently.

This is totally true . turn 7 is win or lose nowadays and this is why , like all the peoples who think that the game should not by played like that have allready leaved the game .