Is Chomper versus Shaman Totem winnable?


A recent thread got me thinking about this. How many games of Shaman basic hero power + totem deck versus Heroic Chomper, are possibly winnable? Like, after figuring in card draw and mulligan, if you knew 100% what is in your deck, and in Chomper’s, how many games could you just not win?

This absolutely comes with the usual snide undercurrent of “Blizzard didn’t playtest this”, AND remember that this is post-nerf Chomper.


One of the keys in any encounter is understanding whether it’s smart to press your hero power button or not. Some plays are just bad and some bosses hard counter certain strategies.


I understand that. I’m talking about this very specific encounter (which includes the default deck/power combo), and wondering why it exists.

Your Hero Power is 1/4: get a 1/1 that Chomper can use to gain 2 life, if it’s past turn 2.