iPad crashing a lot since update


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ipad mini retina 2 crashing after games


I have Apple iPad Air MD786X/B 32 GB tablet and it is constantly crashing, most of times straight after a game, but if a game takes a bit longer it will crash during the game. I’ve re-installed the app few times, on an another post it was recommended when you re-install it to avoid logging in until it updates 100%, but that did not work. It is really frustrating.

I’ve noticed on my Samsung S5 phone there is a new icon for Hearthstone, but my iPad still has the old icon, although I’ve reinstalled the app few times in the past few days.


Ipad air w latest ios vers. Numerous reinstall attempts. Game crashes randomly, no Real pattern. Playin on clean boot. Game has ben fine before, but since last week or so, NOT at all. Crash everytime I play. Crash on start. Crash On spell effect. Crash while browsing collection, etc… totally Horrible update - Right now a total waste of time, effort and $$$ Spent. Played since beta, guys… this hurtz


Ipad2 impossible to play HS crashes 4 times minimum per game, lucky if I can get back in before rope burned out. This has happened since the update for rise of shadows


i have not upgraded to the latest ios version and the app is still crashing. Its been crashing since the FORCED rise of shadows update i was forced to do which also has ruined the sound assets…Downgrading wont fix anything.


Since the latest update, Hearthstone quits on my iPad every time I try to start a game. The app has become completely useless. I’m surprised an issue this serious has gone on so long.


iPad Mini, model ME277C/A. 12.1.4 iOS.
100% quits the app / crashes after every game, sending me back to home screen. I noticed this starting around last weeks brawl, which must be around the time of the update.


Same thing on iPhone 6
The game crashed since the last patch
I have the last version ios


Been crashing after every match and now just crashed four times in the same match. Game is unplayable at this point. IPad Air, everything up to date, reinstalled HS repeatedly, no luck.


After the recent update, I been experiencing many crashes in-game and every time I conclude a match on my iPad Mini 2 for the last couple days now. I’ve been playing Hearthstone on my iPad Mini for many years and haven’t had any significant problems till this recent update. I have backed up and restored my iPad and it is updated to iOS 12.1.4 to no avail. It keeps crashing frequently making Hearthstone almost unplayable. Love this game and you guys! I hope you are able to fix! Thank you.


Glad I’m not alone in this. I’m experiencing regular crashes since the update, right before a game starts, and right after a game ends. Updated the game, iPad2 is up to date. Uninstalled the app this morning and reinstalled, hoping that would help, but no dice. It’s unplayable right now.


Same here. iPad Air, new iOS version but the game crashes every single game. I can‘t even start any games since the latest patch. The game is unplayable now.


Same Here! Its an absolute joke and its been nearly a week now? Ipad Air 2, crashes before every game…Reset Ipad twice, all up to date…NOTHING!

Are there any updates on progress yet???


iPad mini 2. 12.1.4.

Crashes in game, while making a deck, etc. just can’t play.

I have reinstalled and logged in immediately and then reinstalled and waited for everything to download in game before logging in.

Neither works.


Same here, crashing before and after every game on original iPad Air.


The same for me. Last iOS version last game update. Now can’t even start a battle on my ipad… yesterday i had luck, i started 1 battle after 2 tries… but now it’s game over… good luck blizzard… hope you will find workaround fast !

  1. iPad Mini 2 Model ME279LL/A
  2. Yes
  3. Both
  4. 12.1.4

Was able to play the game fine before this update, have more than enough free space.


ipad mini running 12.1.4 - game crashes everytime before I even get to game. Can play 1 solo adventure and then crash.


Have deleted and reloaded game several times.