IOS crashing an unsolvable problem?


No I’m not putting this as a bug report so please don’t auto-add me to the constantly growing bug report post.

I’m just wondering if this is something that simply can’t be fixed? Seems like there’s been more than enough time to analyze causes and whatnot, and there’s intermittent “we’re working on it!” posts, but no progress or workarounds or anything? Is this something apple did that just breaks the game?


is it apple, or is it blizzard / activision?


If they were able to blame Apple, trust me, they would do it on the first day.


I honestly think they just arent working on it. They must not recieve much income from ios devices. This is exactly how they handled problems in WC3 right before SC2 was coming out. Kept saying they were working on it for months until they just stopped saying anything. The only thing they did was turn the WC3 forum into a SC skin/theme.


Hey all,

We’re tracking this IOS crashing issue on this thread. To help consolidate the threads opened on this issue I will close this topic.

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