iOS AUD $79.99 or $125 Feel that $79.99 is too much allready


the thing that got me upset is hes giving a mars bar example but we r talking digital content, i told i know consumerr r not like corporation and maybe hard to defend stuff but its unfair on consumer ur getting exactly same product for a higher orice just becuae its apple

but they dont listen they just meh who cares… i cant express my viewsi got a high mount everst to overcome to explain my view about it


Yep. I mean I got my J2U bundle refunded simply by telling CS that due to the way I was treated by mods on their forums I no longer have any interest in the product as I didnt feel like a valued customer. But that was 2 years ago and (upon closer reading) is not guaranteed, especially when they’re penny pinching atm.

You might be SoL on this one, unfortunately, depending on how you initially addressed Blizz.

Personally, using the EULA, I would consider being charged $15 more for the product a failure.


i havent addressed blizzard yet
only first stop was consumer affairs victoria
i just wanted to see what they say lol but heard nothing nice form them this has been so many times that i am hearing from them with just simple general answers.

like once we were buying a busines and over paid a deposit by %50 and then bang got hit by legal matters and party saying u scum u closed the contract so now u got to suffer, but for rerasons like busienss was closed they family memebrs were sick with cancer ect all the nasties, after ringing consumer they just go nah ur wrong


Ticket to Blizz and choose your words carefully to meet the above in the EULA as closely as possible. Maybe leave it a couple of days beforehand though. We as Aussies are somewhat covered, if you can choose your words carefully they will have no option but to refund.


Hi Dear Blizzard Friends!

I am seeking a refund for the Hearthstone Rise of Shadows Mega Bundle I bought today.

Under the Australian Law I am entitled for a refund even if the goods are not faulty further proof can be witnessed that display of No Refund Signs in store corresponds to further penalties enforced on your business and display of such signs is a criminal offence in my country.

This is further evident in digital content era where consumers should have equal rights with refunds or policies in place in any given jurisdiction which if not obeyed will have sever penalties on corporations which don’t endorse such practices in digital age.


I wouldnt, thats too threatening which wont get you far.

Join the discord, as this isnt the best place for this discussion to happen:

And ping me if you want help - I’m RoboBowser


Who care allready sent it see what they say. I am trying my luck after getting nowhere with my first shot.


I usually buy both.

They have nerf’d all my decks for the past 3 months but I persist for some stupid reason.


Fair enough, keep us updated :wink: At the end of the day its only $15, but at least you know for the future.


Yea also the consumer guy told me it’s actually a consumers problem and that it’s up to the consumer to know where it’s cheaper and where it’s more expensive.

Makes me upset.

Like it’s your fault you should of known this. You are a customer and that a customer should do his own research…

But the thing is that I got like auto ripped with a click of button using face scanning ID on iPhone X it’s like I had no choice but forced to buy this as I was sick in bed at the time.


Going back to my previous ACCC link:

What is a major problem?

A product or good has a major problem when:

  • it has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they’d known about it

Now, I would certainly consider not knowing that iDevices charged more for something a problem which would stop someone from purchasing it, especially when Blizzard doesnt clearly advertise that fact.

Whether thats a Blizz issue or an Apple one is debatable.

Raise hell!


You don’t purchase 80 packs over the course of an expansion?


i live in France , and both bundles cost me 50€ and 80€ so around 56Us$ and 90Us$ !
how can you get so high cost for those bundle ?? except the charges part from IOS , i don’t understand :confused:
also for the IOS users , isn’t it better to buy those bundles directly from a pc instead ??
Noob questions , but i try to understand ^^


Ignoring the iOS markup, we pay in our own currency in Aus.

80 pack bundle = $110 AUD ($78 USD)
50 pack bundle = $67 AUD ($48 USD)

Its the 10-20% iDevice markup which is the real issue, we actually save a couple of bucks per bundle otherwise comparatively speaking. Its just as much an Apple issue as a Blizzard one, but as Blizzard dont clearly advertise that iOS marks up their prices globally for HS purchases, its borderline, if not completely, illegal not to offer a refund under our legislation for iOS purchases.


A Game Master resolved your ticket, and left the following response:

Greetings Champion,

Thank you for contacting us, Game Master Sugoinekosan at your service desu!

For the pre-order product, we do will provide refund as the product has not been delivered yet. However, it would seems like this order was purchased from iTunes but not our online shop. Under this situation, please contact iTunes for further refund on that order, as the fund is not at our end here :slight_smile:

Best Regards

I’ve bought it through the hearthstone app without realising the consequences involved. I take it as a Hearthstone app developed by Blizzard Entertainment hence everything to do with Blizzard it has to be Blizzards intellectual property. But to me this world seems like a never ending puzzle between government corporations lawsuits. It’s all a ridle. So I am assuming you people in US if you download the Apple App you assume the rights from Apple. But to me it doesn’t make sense if the Blizzard product is sold on App Store it’s Blizzards intellectual rights so hence you can assume Blizzard is the one involved. A customer without all this tech knowledge is just a one needle in the ocean it’s needless to say I have fight a whole crowd to get to you?
I am sick and tired of going through a never ending ocean.

I made the purchase through a hearthstone App but it is Blizzards intelectual property. So you are claiming that Hearthstone App is not Blizzards intelectual property?
Then how can you explain millions of contract words writen in WOW contracts and they are claiming their digital content is their intellectual property?
They can just disdain their intelectual property rights and claim it’s not theirs where ever it is beneficial without going into any digital tax advantages or are we facing a a greedy Mafia boss on some bounty island offshore who can pay no tax legally and still claim he is within his rights of the governing body?


Just want to point out… it is better off pre-order the expansion packs via online blizzard shop than within app. If you pre-order online, it costs AU$109.95, not AU$125 (incl. Apple royalty).

If you ever plan to buy another pack deals, please make sure you do it via the online shop.


I’ve told a few Aussies about this a while back.
If your ever buying Packs in Aus
Do it on Pc off the Blizzard store. Even if you play on your phone, go and buy it off the Pc on the Blizzard store.

Your saving $20 for a tiny bit of inconvenience


okay , i see . thx for the explanation :wink:


If you look at the normal price of the packs, 80$ for 80 pack is quite cheap. It’s 1$ for 1 pack and normally it would be like 3$ for 2 packs. So there is a little discount in my opinion. Sure they could make cheaper bundles like 20 packs for 20$, but what I’m trying to say that 80$ is not too much for 80 packs + some more goodies.


iOS always charges more in all apps, so keep that in mind for those of you using it.
That is what the current dispute between Spotify and Apple is about. Spotify wasn’t even allowed to use another payment option on their iOS app, or even mention that another payment option is allowed.
Spotify was banned from iOS previously for having a message in their app that their subscriptions was available on their site cheaper.
So Hearthstone would most likely be banned from iOS as well if they were helping people get cheaper prices.