Infinite Undataka crash

I built a combo deck which is intended to do infinite damage to the enemy, but it crashes the game server instead. It’s frustrating, since it’s a reasonably good deck, but the win condition ends up being a tie condition. I used to use Leper gnome for damage, which works fine, but if I swap it for abomination, which is may be better, it crashes.

If Da Undataka dies with these deathrattles, in this order:

  • Immortal Prelate
  • Masked Reveler
  • Abomination

He shuffles himself into the deck, resummons himself, and then kills himself, repeating the cycle. It also does 2 damage to the heroes.


I also give Da Undataka lifesteal, so that I don’t take infinite damage. I haven’t tested if that’s necessary for the crash.

IMO Masked Reveler (and Silver Vanguard) shouldn’t summon a minion if either hero is at <= 0 health.

Edit: Just realized on re-reading that it makes it sound like this is difficult to achieve, since the deathrattles have to be in that order. The more common way the combo goes off is that you just play Da Undataka again.