Incorrect Bonus Stars in ranked mode - nevermind

Last month I finished in Legend on Twist mode as #1xx (I think highest I reached was #107?), and at the beginning of this month I had 11 bonus stars. I’m at Platinum 4 currently this month in Standard and the bonus stars have already run out, while they should still be at 4. That would be starting from 11 at Bronze 10, then 9 at Silver 10, 7 at Gold 10, 5 at Platinum 10 and now 4 at Platinum 5. Has something changed about the way the bonus stars work this month, or do they maybe work differently when earned in Twist mode? That was the first time I chose to climb that ladder as my main for the month.

Each ladder is different, bonus stars don’t carry over from Standard to Twist or Wild

oof. thanks, good to know. i guess going for legend in a format that i don’t typically play is a bad idea then.