Inappropriately naming your decks

Once in a while, say, when my wife has gone to the store, I will log Into HS, and I will change all of the deck names of her decks, to highly offensive or inappropriate names.
Seeing her reaction upon logging in, to see her newly named decks, was always a great pleasure for me.
Recently though, I have discovered, that when I do, now the deck names are deleted and renamed Custom deck!

It’s my deck, I should be able to name it what I please! Thank you PC police!


Well, I mean… from your story it’s not your deck. It’s your wifes’.

That being said, your deck names are only seen by you, how is it they have access to change it? Also, why would they ghost change naming your decks when something inappropriate is used?


I just renamed a few of my decks to inappropriate titles. No change to “custom deck” happened…


Your wife is married to a middle schooler?



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Better than being married to a prude.


This is absolutely correct.

A 42 year old year old one at that! It’s gonna take more than that to bother me, little one.

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I do find it weird that they would have a system for monitoring deck names given that they’re not shown publicly anywhere…

It’s weird. But try it out. Make sure you log out first, after creating said deck names.

Better to be a prude, than a vulgar man/child.

Mountain man thinks I’m vulgar. How can I repent? Anyone? I must make sure mountain man likes me. I really do!


I just tested this myself, gave some pretty nasty names to a few decks, saved them, logged out and made sure the app was completely closed, then logged back in.

Names were still there.

Yeah, other than racial or sexual slurs, I’ve been pretty radical with my deck naming. Nothing has changed.

Maybe you didn’t click ENTER after naming your deck?
I do that all the time: I write the name, then I build the deck, I go to play it and the name changed back to the default ones.

I went with some stuff that would get me banned from just about anywhere and it all stuck.

Weird. It’s still not working for me. Not that it ultimately matters but I’m genuinely curious as to why it’s happening. Thanks, all, for checking it out for me.

It’s hard for teachers to meet people their own age.

Bear in mind that I’m doing this on my tablet, maybe doing it through the PC client is different? Just tossing out variables to see what we might be missing.

Also, have you tried using regular names to rename them and checked if they still stick? You could be experiencing a bug that had nothing to do with censorship and is just blocking you from renaming decks for some oddball reason.

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The very first word in the title of this post is “Inappropriately”.