Impossible/Idiotic tasks in Mercs

One of the main issues with Mercs. Is that many tasks have near impossible targets.

For example dragons. There are ONLY 2 battles that have dragons in them. How is this acceptable? So i need to play the same level searching for dragons. And hope I find BW or Alex. So i can complete this task…

I think Varden has idiotic freeze task. Where in theory you need to combo with Jaina (A rare needed a Legendary). Or have a freeze guy hit one of your guys then you zap that guy.

Any other idiotic merc tasks that i can look forward to?

Black Rock Mountain 1-3 has alot of dragon minions that show up most of the time.
And a tip/bug for Gruul is that task 14 you dont need to use the skill, just killing dragons with the party as normal counts too :grinning:

what was the dragon related task ?

there are few anoying ones ye, cookie is super usefull for some of them like gruuls kill 45 (or something like that) minions with his summon.
Just have cookie spawn fish in a battle kill of the last minion and then you can use those fish to complete quite a few anoying quest just make sure to not kill the last fish before you spawn a new one, you can keep doing this endlessly the fish dont attack but are on opponent team.

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i didn’t read the whole thing just abandon it
i know you don’t like to quit but nobody plays mercs anyways
PS I like mercs anyone wanna friend and duel?

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I have a task where I need to kill 30 Dragons.

Yay. I have cookie destroy 180 beasts FUN… Now i need to find a hunting ground.

I guess i will check out Black Rock Mountain.

The fish Cookie summons are Beasts.

Yes. There are lots of dragons on BRM 1.

@WingedKagut theres a cheesy beast killing trick on 1-3 with the “Hyena Alpha”. The trick is you zero the attack on hyena (sneed/Vannesa van cliff). Then cannon the beast rercuit. Lady Anaconda heals alpha hyena. So that Hyena doesnt die. After 80 rounds you get 80 beasts killes.

I didnt found yet , impossible tasks … even that with Varden when i didnt had jaina and lich … i used Double time hoping i throwing Ice lance twice :smiley:

And i did the task

I haven’t done this, but it might help. From Old Guardian:

It has been very frustrating to get a task to get 2 caster coins, 18 bounties later I still only have 1 caster coin. Pathetic game design.

This is real easy just play the 2 or 3 mission, beat one match, then you imm get a coin, if not the needed one. Then retire and do it again. In no time this task will be done.

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The dragon task is tedious just summon dragon, autokill them with some merc then with cookie keep the board or with a healer keep your board. There are boards of enemies that only use casters in that case you can also heal them if needed.
I just don’t want to get to cookie’s 180 beast task yet(probably the worst task)

For class coins do Heroic Air Elemental. Check the run before doing anything and if the one you need isn’t there, click View Party and Resign, and restart the bounty. For Spirit Healer coins, Heroic Quillboar has a guaranteed one. Also, you can resign after getting the coin to get to the next one quicker, you don’t have to complete a bounty.

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Learn boon event looks like. You can tell what the boon are at the start of the game. What boons look like.
Protector has 3 arrows.
Fighter has a diagonal sword.
Caster has a vertical staff.

And yes it can be very annoying trying to do the boon. If you dont know what the boon has.

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