I'm done with this

I’ve been playing hearthstone since launch and after going from 4k gold after purchasing the last mini-set to 0 today I decided to uninstall this game. I lost all my gold playing duels and losing to the blizzbots that fill that mode. I used to be able to recoup my losses from duels or arena, but you decided to nerf the gold rewards. Thanks to your greed you’ll never get another dime off me. Peace out!


First off, Arena or Duels when you are using any type of currency with it be gold or real life money, is a gamble.

My view on this is… If you’re your going to use either towards those modes, then you have to be okay with losing it. Otherwise, there are better ways to put the gold to use, because it will leave you salty as the expectation you had set for yourself was not achieved.

For example, I never use gold for anything except for the mini-set, and I put all of it towards buying packs when a new expansion starts. I also won’t buy anything cosmetic with it except for the packs. however, this is also dependant on what modes you play. But considering you bought the mini-set, I’m assuming you also play regular ranked.

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any source for the change on the gold rewards i havent seen anything about it so far a nd im pretty sure a nerf to duels and arena gold reward is something people wouldve posted about


As someone who plays arena its pretty obviously rigged. You can tell when bots are screwing you over for 4 or less wins.

Rigging is not responsible for the presence of bots; players from the chinese server who are forced to start over due to their server being shut down are botting in arena to rapidly generate resources. Blizzard is fully aware of this and actively avoiding doing anything about it though, so in a sense it’s still their fault.

The main problem with paying to play duels is that it’s been broken for weeks now. If you don’t have paladin from golden light you lose.