Illidari Inquisitor - The logic?

Can someone explain how this wasn’t nerfed yet? Compare this ridiculous card to Ragnaros, which was deemed “too strong” by blizzard and put in the hall of fame.

  • Ragnaros costs 8 mana, this also costs 8.

  • Ragnaros hits a RANDOM enemy, this hits whoever you want plus with the pontential to hit face the turn it is played (most of the time it works like a “ignore taunt” mechanic).

  • You could only use one Ragnaros per deck, you can use two illidari per deck.

This card should not have rush! It is basically an auto win against anyone who doesn’t have 2+ taunts or an already very strong board. Not to mention it can be ressed by Nzoth later! DH has a ridiculously strong early and mid game, with lots of direct damage, heals, board control and card draw. It shouldn’t need a game breaking card that also deals tons of direct face damage by IGNORING TAUNTS!

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I bet if they put old ragnaros in next year’s core set it wouldn’t see much play.

I think at the time it was hall of famed the power creep hadn’t gone as far.

Normally it’s 8 mana: deal 8 damage to your opponent, or often 9 mana deal 9 with hero power if you didn’t have a weapon equipped

Stronger than alex but you can’t heal. Yeah it could probably be tuned down a bit. It feels like a legendary.

Other than that, it prevents you from outcasting. Losing the ability to run skull effectively is a big consideration in a lot of demon hunter decks.