Illidan/Hagatha Legendary Transformation Bug


Since this happened three times in the same match with the same conditions I suspect there to be a bug. Here goes with the extremely specific conditions:

  • Playing mobile Hearthstone on an iPhone 6S, iOS 12.2
  • Playing the Dalaran Heist Adventure
  • At least one copy of “The Darkness” dormant on the board each time this bug occurred
  • Double Spell Cast Anomaly Mode active
  • The “repeatable this turn” Hagatha Treasure which transforms the player’s minions into random legendaries on cast had its cost reduced to 0 for the entire run
  • Whenever “Illidan Stormrage” was on the board for the first cast of the Hagatha treasure, Illidan’s effect would trigger, summoning a 2/1 token minion that would also be affected by the spell cast
  • The game client would immediately crash seemingly before the first cast resolved, requiring the Hearthstone app to be restarted to resume

While I suspect most of these circumstances are irrelevant to any possible bug, hopefully this helps narrow down the problem should it exist beyond my own device.


I experience the same thing, on the same version of hearthstone and iOS. Further clarification and details:

  • The card that causes the crash when Illidan Stormage is on the board is called “Swampqueen’s Call”

  • “The Darkness” was not active on my board; the crash occurred every time I cast Swampqueen’s Call while Illidan Stormrage was on the board.

  • I was not playing in Anomaly Mode.

  • If there was no space for Illidan to summon a flame, the client did not crash!


Thank you for the report. It appears that Illidan does not play nice with Swampqueen’s Call. I was able to reproduce the issue and have sent it up for further investigation.

Swampqueen's blessing + Illidan = Game Crash