If you match up against a warrior


Do you
A. Play until the warrior gets bored and autoquits
B. Play really fast so warrior beats you quickly
C. Get really angry at how long it takes for your eventual demise then post of the forums after
D. Hit the .01 percent chance you’ll beat them
E. Auto concede so you don’t spend an hour dwindling away at 40 armour and getting continually wasted


I play for the D…


I choose option F. Play Quest Paladin and win against every Control Warrior.


D followed by e mostly


I play until I see them removing 2 of my early boards and just say nope I had enough time wasted.


I play as if they have no aoes in hand. Just play everything as fast as possible. AFter the first aoe that rekts me then E. This way at least u win 1 in 10 games they actually did hit nossing


Nobody has ever auto-conceded so far.


Eh, I usually play till about maybe turn 8. If I’ve made any progress I’ll keep going, otherwise I’ll just alt+f4 and go make some tea. I figure this wastes their time a bit more, much like they’ve wasted mine.



Switch to highlander Hunter, which is favoured against both Control Warrior and Mage.

If I had to choose though, I’d go with D. If and only if I ever run into 3 warriors in a row, I will go with option E. Time is money my friend.