If you could have dinner with one card, which would it be?


Madam Goya. Treat her nice and respectable and who knows what discounts could be in store :wink:


That’s actually the whole point.


Tuskarr Totemic.

I love fish.


The question was which one you’d have dinner with, not which one you’d have for dinner . . . :roll_eyes:


Either Frost Lich Jaina or Frost Queen Sindragosa … they seem like “cool” characters …


Khadghar, if one serving isn’t enough you can always come back for seconds.


lmao well hey the rules dont specify what happens during or after the dinner :sweat_smile::kissing_heart:


I think Kabal Crystal Runner is cute and would love to have dinner with her! :heart_eyes:

But knowing her she would be late from our date… :pensive:


Houndmaster Shaw ofc. The hunting party always grills the best meat


Why not AWILO then?!


Grim Patron, obviously. We won’t even make it to the dinner before destroying the place.


Mirror images.

20 characters


Whizbang because he’d bring such a large variety friends. Party time.


Baku, it was/is a defining milestone in humanity’s evolution.

It’s importance will echo into the future until the final member of our race draws their last breath, their vision fading wherever in the universe they are but knowing that their people created something so perfect, that even though the light of mankind is about to be extinguished THEY created Baku.

In fact, I think it is likely that it is such an event that it is actually going to EFFECT THE PAST as well.

If we start to look through old manuscripts and photos we will start to see evidence of the ripples of Baku going BACKWARDS in time for thousands of years, there will be references there now that weren’t there before, possibly even images etched on pyramids and Stone Henge by the people that built them but didn’t know what Baku was!!!

Quite simply - None will survive!


Take the Alchemist from the Dalaran Heist.

BTT: Sylvanas.


Sylvanas should be good enough


I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Succubus :slight_smile:

Although if you take a close look at Armorsmith… she’s a babe.


Confessor Paletress…because she can summon other dinner guests.

Wait…would the dinner table have a 7-seat limit?


I would hope not, considering what some of these cards can summon…


He seems like a chill and reasonable chap.