If I told Activision that I'm not a female

Do you think they’d lift the cap off of my 6000 BG rating?

Hi Activision, I’m male.

Activision Blizzard Sued by California Over Allegations of ‘Frat Boy Culture’ And Sexual Harassment

“The lawsuit also cites one particular incident where a female employee, who was already subjected to intense sexual harassment at the company, committed suicide during a work trip with a male supervisor who allegedly brought inappropriate, sexual items with him on the trip”.

edit —don’t bother banning me from the forums for this post. I’ll see my own way out, thanksbye


Don’t think they will ban you for that - this is everywhere anyways, they won’t bother deleting this from here.


I’ve been playing Hearthstone since the original launch. I love the game, but until I see some firings at all levels of Bliz and a legit apology & compensation for harms done to their female and POC employees, I’m out.

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No need for due process.

bruh the state government of California researched this for two years and is filing a lawsuit. This is the RESULT of due process.

you can just admit you want to keep being sexist if you want but don’t pretend this is fake


see you on a different game(prob not)(assuming you were implying that your giving acti the middle finger and leaving due to this disgusting behavior that was happening inside)

anyway they dont deserve their players money at all…so speak your mind fully freely

also if a mod ban for aggression toward the pigs…it mean they support these disgusting pigs behavior and are no better than them

edit: honestly i’am tempt to make a thread call “jail for the thrash at activision”

Exactly 0 people will miss you. Cya.

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the wow forums have been on fire since yesterday. it’s essentially the wild west there right now. no one is getting banned, either. this is crazy town.

Blizzard should just move the company out of that rat infested stink hole California.


Yes, because I’m sure the state of California has nothing better to do than to pester you poor frat boys with this lawsuit. I’m so sure the state of California would purposefully make this up. Youre the fruit loop.

The pigs are certainly running this farm.

Is this the kind of crap rhetoric those poor females who work with you have to put up with? Guess what? I don’t work for you. I think everything that went on in that $hithole of a company is disgusting. I hope you all lose your shirts. I cant even log on anymore without feeling slimy and like I’m a gender traitor. You are the one with a $hitmouth. Wash it out with soap you sicko.

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