If Goldrinn belongs in tier 6 then so does Bagurgle

For some reason the devs decided that the Beast tribe needed a nerf more than the Murloc tribe, despite the latter being much more powerful. I will not deny that the Macaw + Goldrinn + Baron combo was incredibly powerful, but - unlike Murloc Exodia - there was realistic counterplay against that combination. So in the spirit of making it stupidly hard to get to the endgame, Bagurgle should be tier 6.

PS: I don’t really think that Bagurgle should be tier 6, but I’m using the devs logic against them.

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Bagurgle doesn’t buff things with Cleave and such. It also is half the buff on deathrattle which makes it not especially spicy with Macaw or Baron.

That was the logic you were missing.

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They don’t even have that.

Bagurgle doesnt even come close in powerlevel to Goldgrinn. In fact, if he got moved down Murloc would be one of the only things that could stop them. People are mad because there is a best build, or a best deck or whatever. There is always a best of something. Pirates knock murlocs out midgame. Dragons can beat murlocs, its whatever. If they remove them people will just complain about something else. Oh dragons are too OP remove divine shield, or whatever.


Bagurgle buffs stuff with divine shield and perma-buffs its targets for half the stats. Simply stating the differences between the two cards doesn’t undermine my point. Beasts were seen as being too strong, so they were nerfed. Murlocs are even stronger, but left untouched. Until address that logic your point is irrelevant.

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Yes kinda,they both give +4+4 to the tribe. Goldrin can further scale with barron and macaw but bargurgle on the other hand is permanent and can also further scale with bran. The scaling of goldrin can also be countered to some extend while the scaling of bargurgle can not be countered.

murlocs would be pretty much done though with bargurgle at 6,getting bargurgle in time is often the only thing that safes a murloc build.

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Completely missed my point. Beasts were nerfed because they were too strong. Murlocs are even stronger but have been left untouched (or technically speaking buffed because Amalgadon has been added to the game). If Beasts deserved a nerf then so do Murlocs.

Also, by admitting that murlocs would be one of the few things able to stop Macaw+Goldrinn beasts, you admit that Murlocs are even stronger than that. Thanks for proving my point.


If you think that you can choose your build before beginning the game, please give me your cheat code dude ! Because in my game and you want to top 4 you have to with what the game give you. So if players complain it’s because since you can’t choose your build, if one a the build is too op campare to the others it’s just toxic for the game. So complain is good.

Bargurgle is better than goldrinn by a large margin. He comes down a tier faster. Permanent buffs. Scales with brann. Discoverable by primal. Meanwhile the goldrinn build is hardly ever seen because its too hard to assemble and murlocs are winning every other game. Goldrinn is a worse bagurgle just on paper as well as its back ended +4/+4 while bagurgle has +2/+2 right away. It takes other beast cards and baron for goldrinn to shine but 1V1 bagurgle beats goldrinn everytime. Its just have murlocs buff them and lez go for bagurgle while beasts need baron, taunt protection, beasts without deathrattles, cave hydra, ect. Too hard. ITs why you basically never see it.

Beasts were nerfed because the build did too much damage for how easy it was to assemble. The beast deck went first then its entire board because so big none of the minions would die and you would take 25 damage on turn 9. This is why they made the change even though it was the wrong way to do it. They should have just moved baron to tier 6 and move brann to tier 6 as well as they are obviously both tier 6 worthy cards.


basically, murloc was fine until you nerfed beast. Beast was fine until you nerfed mechs, who were fine until you nerfed demons…

Unleash the tribes!!!

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The problem is that sometimes you are stuck with beasts, and Baron feels like a garbage tier 5 minion as a result of the nerf, since he is a beast comp card for all intents and purposes based on the DR pool ATM.

BG feels unbalanced as a result.

Murloc wasn’t that fine before :stuck_out_tongue: it was less played because there was other tribes to do, specially with the new ones (like pirates, and parot build) but i play murloc from the beginning of the game, and this tribe can win every single game with the good set up, and be undefeated (except for refresh divine shield meta with mackerel). Hear me, i love murloc, but now than one of the best end comp is nerfed (beast goldrin) everyone just speak about murlocs.
It was here from the beginning, and more with bagurgle. I think, and it’s weird, but it’s Hookstuk’s fault (poor girl, nerfed but we still trash her :rofl: ) because murloc was so overpowered with her, and when the sorolisk was nerfed, murloc was the gold price for hookstuk and since she was the best hero, a lot of people just awake and were “oh god, murloc is so op OMG, hoostuk go murloc ez win”.