If a nerf is coming, what would it be?


Why does everyone want to nerf random Shaman cards lol? No way they nerf anything from Shaman that isn’t named Hagatha and even that is a stretch. My guess is Wagglepick, Omega Defender, Conj and maybe Archivist but i’m not really sure what they would do to Archivist…

I just think Shaman doesn’t have enough to good cards to handle a nerf.


Why does archivist need nerfed at all? Only seen the card once or twice and it didn’t do much


If you play against control decks you’ll see it–players are generally holding it until their decks are empty. Or else they use it as a hail-mary when they’re about to lose, which is what you might have seen.

But, yeah, it shows up then. If you think you’re about to mill your opponent to death, it can be pretty frustrating to see them add ten cards to the deck. But I don’t think it’s tipping the balance, it doesn’t look like control decks are running away with the meta just now. And control decks have always had some kind of fatigue-insurance available–this isn’t as bad as double-Dead Man’s Hand, which could let you hold off fatigue indefinitely.


Uh, what?

No really somebody please explain this reply to me.


I think Archivist needs to be 9 mana, just to give your opponent a chance to kill her, before she gets bounced. Would definitely make the tournament scene a little more sane by hopefully curbing some of the 45 minute Warrior mirrors.

Otherwise, Rogue and Warrior probably need some adjustments, IMO. Probably Dr Boom and Raiding Party. Changing Delivery Drone to random might be enough for Boom. The Raiding Party to 4 mana sounds reasonable, too.


It’s more about length of games than anything… Basically control decks need to play it and if they don’t they lose to control decks that do.


LOL so many hunter players here… “nerf rogue, nerf warrior, nerf shaman, nerf mage, hunter is fine”


As someone who enjoys dabbling in hunter varieties, I do not ask for nerfs to other classes. Hunter has always been on the verge of too much, but hunter has always been fine. Hunter is aptly able to expose vulnerabilities in custom decks, but hunter is confined to a window of oppportunity. Mechs are the problem. You know, sometimes problems are hidden by the exploits of other expansions. People are able to ignore the problem, because a solution is available, even if not generally appreciated. Yet now, two expansions after the last mech-pac, we have a problem without a palatable solution.


Because it is fine, no single card is broken. It simply work because it have synergy with each other. Hunter is only good now because rogue and warrior is everywhere. Everyone tech weapon destroyer against them but somehow no one is teching silence against hunter. If my opponent have more silence, i will be dead once i run out of steam.

Why not you list the broken card in mech hunter, bomb hunter and secret hunter? None is too oppressing and have alot of tech option. We even have a card that destroy a mech to tech against both mech and bomb. There is 2 owl and 2 spellbreaker if needed. There is chief inspector for secret hunter. If one ever become dominant, it will be apparent they are beatable.


Please nerf now! I love free dust…


Game needs better counters, like a card that if it’s in your deck and a bomb if shuffled in your deck a random hearthstone developer get’s hit in the face with a baseball bat. (We know they love random effects)


Yeah keep telling yourself that. There’s not a single broken card (zul’jin * cough*) sure, but in terms of synergy, refills and straight damage output from turn 1 to 10, there is nothing to match hunters right now other than rogues - and that HAS to mean something.

My point is, if a control deck with half its cards devoted to tech cards and survival can barely survive turn 5-6 against a hunter, let alone win against it, it only means the package is WAY stronger than it is supposed to be. How come an aggro deck can only be consistently stopped by another aggro deck? Hunters have it all right now: board refills, spell refills, deck refills, mech refills, you name it. Yet, the excuse is always funneled to a single card that a class has to rely on for whatever deck they play. Teching cards is useless against hunter. You say silence? It does nothing to mechs or beasts unless they are already buffed up. If they are silenced anyway, they will just buff them up or magnetize them and go straight to face - another broken mechanic for sure.

Silence is useless for the most part against hunter decks and you damn well know it. Chief inspector? The most useless card - especially if its secrets are just going to be played again 2-3 times in the same game. If anything, the old secret eater should be back instead of that useless card.

So, according to you, if you want to have a chance against a hunter deck, mech hunter or whatever decks they play, I must have: 2 owls, 2 spellbreakers, 2 chief inspectors, 10 other removals and a buttload of card draw in the hopes I can just draw them on a perfect fashion, while being pummeled to 15 health by turn 4. Pretty brilliant strategy, my friend.


If you don’t like it, then enjoy being hunters’ punching bag.


Why bother about someone who think zul jin is OP but feel Dr Boom is fine?


If I wanted to play solely to beat hunters, I’d just play a rogue all day.

However, I’m sorry, I don’t netdeck. I’d rather lose playing with my own deck with the class that I like than googling a deck and just vomit my hand for a cheap victory.


Glad to hear that. Have a beautiful day and I hope you’ll have more success in life than in Hearthstone!


The real problem is warrior, not hunter. Warrior is suffocating all the other interesting control decks ideas. A nerf to hunter would do nothing but make people stop playing hunter. Everything else would be the same. A nerf to warrior would open the playing field.


Bomb mechanic are too powerful when combine with how many of them.

Probably nerf Mecha Goblin and Wenchaliber a little bit would be nice, I think made it put a different type of bomb in to your deck that deal different dmg ,for example mech goblin and weapon bomb dealt 3 dmg instead of 5.

Also mad genius need some adjustment . I think instead of rush aura , made his battlecry give rush to mech in deck instead. I think it still powerful but at least tone down his power from Delivery Drone and Omega assembly a bit.

For Boommaster…he himself is not a problem. Boom bot he summon is. Made that he summon 1 for each bomb instead would be nice…But it also way too harsh of a nerf for the main point of the deck so ehhh. Maybe boombot deal 1-2 dmg instead.


Preparation, Raiding Party, Archivist and EVIL Miscreant. My guess…


NAILED IT :open_mouth: