I'd spend more if things cost less


I’ll never purchase any pack with the current pricing. I would if I had more for my money.


Just buy only bundles. You can’t really expect much cheaper than $1 per pack, but most good bundles are around that ratio.
Not only the Pre-order bundles, there are also smaller bundles that occasionally show up mid-expansion (Toki Bundle, Thunder King Bundle, Sir Annoyo Bundle…)


Still too expensive though. I’ll never drop more than 5$ in a casual card game.


So you would spend more… but no more than $5? That’s a winning argument right there.


it, someone calculated back in 2017 that at the time it would cost $600 to get 90% of the cards.

if you actually figure how much a AAA game costs and how simple hearthstone expansion is in comparison then cards could be a lot cheaper. I am with OP, if the game was cheaper I would drop more money on.


IF you work the system you can amass enough gold between sets to get a large portion of each set between that and the dust you are collecting between sets.


If i wait 3 days and do all the quest in HS be lucky to get 2 packs …

I wait 3 days on MTGA i get 4 or 5 packs plus a card or 2 and an alternative art for a card.


Buddy, that isn’t how games work.

Games are funded by WHALES.

A small sliver of the playerbase produces lion share of the purchases.

In some casual games, the top 1% of spenders produce 70-90% of the in-game purchases.

So … short story … your spending is nickels to their Ben Franklins. That’s why things are priced how they are.


Well yes, if prices were cheaper, I would be more inclined to spend often, here and there.
For example, I own none of the 25$ mounts in WoW even though I do want some of them because there’s no way I’m paying that much on a skin. If they were sold for 5 or 10$ though? Me and many others would have probably purchased them all by now.


i would advise against buying trash, no matter how cheap it is. not a sound investment.