I will now fore feet all shadow priests

The game is 100% wrigged. If your premaid deck is dependent on certain cards to win you will always get them.
Every shadow priest gets their void touched attendant on the flop.
every time!!!
It is never withheld to the end of the deck by the AI. Meanwhile If i filled my deck with sheepers or transmogrifers and stuff to sheep that card all those cards would be withheld because it would break their pre maid deck play style.
Name one time a shadow priest had their void touched attendants witheld by the AI all the way to the back of the deck.
There will be the usuals on here who will swear the cards are delt randomly. tee hee

The game is not rigged, & if you really believed it were, you would not play it.

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I don’t know how we can have such fanaticism for Blizzard with all the trash games it’s released or the harassment/rape stories, either they’re Blizzard hired on player accounts or it’s psychiatry.

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Taking that superbowl ad to heart, I see.

Yes, what ever became of that famous lawsuit? Were any criminal charges ever filed against anyone? And why not?

Pointing out that the game is not rigged is not “fanaticism for Blizzard”.

Madam make a deck full of weapons stealers, weapon destoyers and taunts. Play 100 games and count how many times you are matched up against roge with magick weapon that keeps enchants.
Next play 100 games with no weapon smashers and no taunts and count how many times you are pitted against the roge magick weapon that keeps enchants.
Geuss what the results are the AI wriggs the matching depending on what you have in your deck. I tried it.


The game is not rigged.

It simply has an algorithm during match finding that allocates the next deck you face to align with what is in your deck.

This is why you can run one deck and wait in cue for 8 minutes and another to wait in cue for 2…

If you run something that uses tech it will choose something that is opposite and not required.

It’s a nice touch. Completely necessary especially in casual mode.

None of this is true.

FYI: There is no longer a casual mode.

A message to the public. The poster above lacks facts and provides opinion. ^^

If you want to play an unranked game (casual), you will now change your mode as you previously would for Standard and Wild and select Casual instead.

Matchmaking in Casual mode is determined by each player’s Casual matchmaking rating (MMR), aiming to match the player against an opponent of comparable skill, with wins and losses affecting future opponent selection. Casual MMRs are never reset, but are designed to change quickly in response to win and lose streaks. Casual uses a single MMR, shared between Wild, Standard, and Twist format.

You just confrimed it is wrigged in your own post. If the matchmaking is not being done randomely then it is wrigged.
If I make a deck to specifically destroy roge pirates because it made me lose to them 20 times in a row and then after making the deck it refuses to pit me against roge pirates then they are wrigging it.

This is confirmation bias; the game is not rigged.

Gather a sense of sarcasm friend.