I shouldnt be losing


Ehh. Sure.
In for a penny, in for a pound!

I regret my former deeds, and ask our all-loving Lord for forgiveness for my past transgressions against his immaculate wisdom and knowledge.

We cool now?


What… did… I… just… read…


aye, embrace the l’rd and his gifts. Thou art reb’rn a new sir the present day. I am fustian to calleth thee mine own broth’r! welcometh, Drunk of the Random


tis w’rds of thy l’rd, aye t the pow’r and greatness of the w’rds of the l’rd can beest blinding to some


A glorious proclamation, good Sir!
Care to join us in our crusade against the heathens and devils, whose rebellion against our Lord caused endless suffering, as they turned against Him and His Light?

Just… ignore the torture chambers.
We are working on fixing a few kinks in our system.

*clears throat

Which, of course, is the Will of our God!
We shall always be guided by his Wisdom and Truth!







I thought I heard something…

falls asleep


How didst thee sn’re and yawneth in front of our l’rd? doth thee not knoweth mann’rs thee foul barbarian? thee shall beest did treat liketh the pig yond thou art if 't be true thee changeth not thy path


Throw me in the swamplands: I’ll go hang out with Hagatha in the Witchwood!


If you are losing a lot it is your fault. Perhaps you are doing bad plays, but can’t see this for some reason.


Thee valorous sir art the one who is’t is blindeth, thee can’t seeth 'r possibly coequal beginneth to fathom out l’rd’s gl’ry. The only misprision madeth h’re is thee, whom did dare to judgeth the l’rd and did spread this vile hypocrisy 'mongst those who is’t art less’r. Shame on thee f’r taking advantage of mankind. Thee might not but repent f’r thy sins if 't be true thee ev’r art to desire f’r redemption in the eyes of the l’rd


It is truly saddening to witness such a tragedy.
But heretics are heretics, brother.


Thee shalt repent, 'r witness the wrath of our l’rd!
se’d of false gods!
thy thund’r shall beest silenced!


Well, hello, fellow heretic.


fie,how foul, those lowly creatures’s wickedness truly knoweth nay did bind. Anon those gents art joining f’rces? this absurdity hast gone far enow. Fellow broth’rs we might not but prayeth to our l’rd f’r his blessing. Only then shall that gent returneth once m’re to smiteth these treasonous heathens down.

lief o’great one
thy might knoweth nay did bind
thy wisdom knoweth nay endeth
thy gracefulness knoweth nay limits
i, a m’re m’ral, am did bless to beest in thy presence
i am not w’rthy, but i doth i has’t a fav’r to asketh of thee o most wondrous one
th’re art those who is’t seeketh thy destruction and downfall.
th’re art those who is’t did spread lies and hypocrisy
th’re art those who is’t art truly foul and naughty
smiteth those malt-worm daws down with thy might
so yond we as w’rship’rs of thy might
children of thy greatness
may liveth in peace again
o thanketh thee o most wondrous one.
i am most grateful forsooth


I just dont understand all this trash talk against me. Calling me a heretic, but I am not even religious.


Btw I hate you 3 and I hate that MVPM guy a lot, so dont reply to me. THANK YOU!


Yond beast is immune, immune to the w’rds of the l’rd. How is yond possible? l’rd prithee saveth us from beasts liketh that gent. I am s’rry f’r all mine own sins!! prithee saveth us from this most deadly being

The beast hast me, I has’t been slain! i am s’rry i wasn’t pow’rful enow to defeat that gent mine own l’rd. May mine own soul rest in peace. I am so s’rry in mine own failure, f’rgive me f’r mine own incompetence, i am nothing liketh thee o most wondrous one

I wasn’t w’rthy, i nev’r wast



Wow… this whole thread is a virginity overload.


The first thing that came to mind after reading the post was Starship troopers…“Do you want to know more?”