I need more friends

As the title says, I need more friends to spectate and not feel lonely when I grind in crazy hours.

I’m on EU, so hit me up if you need some, too!

P.S. I may even offer some help to those who are lower rank than me from time to time, if they play decks I know good enough to help with.

Well try going to the bar, introducing yourself to coworkers and talking at the gym. It will help grow friends. Remember its about putting effort in to maintain and flourish friendships!

You cant make friends if you only take your mouth off blizzards joystick long enough to jump in on every post to tell people only your opinions are valid. That generally backfires.

Soo you prefer your friends to be dishonest “yes men”?

Not my cup of tea. I like it when people tell me when I’m wrong (or when they think I’m wrong).