I need help from a tech


Is there any way for you to get me a list of devices that have been connected to my account?

Just realised what happens on mobile when i log into hearthstone from a different device, and this has been happening from the start. I need logs


Hey Jozzarzul,

We can’t necessarily provide a list of devices that have accessed the account, but if you want to submit a ticket or live chat about this a Game Master should be able to check your account history to see if it’s logging in from anywhere else.

If you are concerned about someone else accessing the account you should change your password and consider adding a Blizzard Authenticator if possible.


Not possible, is there any way I can clone my phone and have you figure it out?

The amount of bugs I’m having is impossible without tampering.

Did the live support, was looped(directed) to forums

Who do I send video to?