I have to choose between adventure and packs


TLDR: I’m sad about the fate($) of adventures. A review about my feelings about it.

This is a biased post, if you may ignore, just do.

Title <- As a FTP player, this saddens me.

I really like to play hearthstone because of its solo content. Now i have to sacrifice 7 packs for an adventure wing, just like before with the difference that i get terrible rewards now.

Why? What happ

this will delay my card earning, I know i can choose not to buy it, but i know myself very well: i will end up buying it, because i have always liked solo content, i got Nax, BrM, LoE, ONiK, and did the heroic mode on each.

With moments of fun and frustration in between because some matchups were so broken and my card pool was so little.

KoFT, i liked this. I really liked this adventure, and i wished it would keep this way, a cheap reward (some cardpacks) and a master reward (the skin), sad part: no cardback.

As the new way of adventures came, i flew happy as a free b…ird, with no chains to hold me to buy the incoming adventure.

With KoC I had tons of fun until i got to see the flaw: “losing at the last boss who countered everything you had”

Monster hunt didn’t change it, it kept the problem.

Dr. Boom, Ok, another way to play cards, cool, but… I liked bossing more. And this new approach killed that.

Now… i feel this is just gonna be a disaster.


“They gave me too many cool things that I can’t get them all without compensating them for their efforts!”


it’s not about compensating, it’s about pricing. In the end, this game is a business and i get that.

Even if i pay i won’t be able to get it all, but that’s not the point of this thread, as i wrote before, it’s about feels and if i may add, my impressions/reactions about how the game has evolved, and has been looking for side paths to earn money, which, again, it’s ok.

As a developer, i couldn’t understand how they could afford to make awesome adventure content for no price within.

But there are other games where can do the same, guess the card packs do profit after all.

But, again, it is not about me being objective, this is my subjective point of view.


You said you’re a F2P player. When have you ever had to worry about a price?


I am a F2P as well. I replied in another thread about why the new paid adventurer could be a good thing.

But in short, the dev would need to keep the F2P playerbase in mind in term of resource generation. There could still be unreleased news so no point be worried till then. I think it still possible to enjoy both expansion and adventure in the short term and see how the games further develops.

For now, your priority should be the expansion, as the adventure’s 1st wing is given free (other wings can be unlock later)

It think it maybe worthwhile to change this topic into “How can F2P players better cope with the rising “cost” of HS?”

I have some ideas, but probably will share at a much later date where more news are released.


Easiest solution ever:

Choose neither!

They are not worth the money.


Easiest solution ever:

Choose both!


Why? What freeloaders are good for?


I do not understand what you mean by freeloader.

However, if you refer to F2P players, they form a part of the engine that ensures a more efficient queue wait.


Just like paying players ensure that the servers are running. I don’t get the hate both groups seem to get.


At the end of the day the adventure costs 2800 gold and offers (if im not wrong) 15 packs of the new expansion, 1 golden classic pack and 1 golden legendary (that if its dustable you can transform it in any legendary) + the obvious which is the fun of the solo content itslef.

Im still gonna support the old adventure mode system (league of explorers like) but still this one doesnt sound so bad.


I agree. You buy adventure - you lose packs. I don’t care for solo content that much to lose value because of it, but I can totally understand players who do.

Imho, it’s a step backwards from Blizzard.


what if the adventure has the ability to provide you with ways to earn as many cards as you would have gotten if you just bought packs?


The new adventure is only 700 gold?


Here’s my math:

Usually, when they announce the new expansion, I start saving up gold. But, for the sake of math, let’s say I start the Year of the Dragon with zero gold. I get several free new packs from a EVIL quest chain. 3 from free first wing of solo adventure. So, assuming I only get the minimum amount of gold (50) from daily quests (and ignoring other higher gold quests and the 10 gold for 3 wins), it takes exactly 2 weeks to get 700 gold (50 x 14 days). So exactly 2 months to get all wings of the adventure, equaling 12 more packs, for free.

And unless I’m wrong, it’s 4 months between expansions, right? So that leaves one 2 more months to earn >2800 gold for buying >28 packs of the next set’s cards when they are released. Then you start the process over again.

So it’s really not so bad: if you love the solo content like me, you get the adventure and a good number of cards F2P. You just gotta do those dailies!


good math my dude!

also, if you want easy dailies, make a second account, and just fight yourself


700 gold is just one week or grinding isnt that hard to do


You cannot dust it, it was asked in the AMA.

On the topic, the single player adventures were free since the middle of the year of the mammoth, now Blizzard feels they can charge for it, money or gold.

It’s silly to argue it is not an attempt to make players pay more, but we don’t know if it’ll be a better experience that they claim it to be.

Adding to the pressure to pay more is the fact that the three free packs are now given one month after release and not right away; and the new hero for the year is given to those willing to buy the 80 pack bundle. Also, there’s still no word on the free legendary we started receiving when they increased the number of legendary cards on the sets.

Blizzard is trying hard to monetize, but it is doing it mostly on cosmetics and the single player experience, while reducing the number of free things we used to have.

It does suck not to get that stuff for free like we used to, but the game still can be played for free, just not with all the shinies we used to have.


You’d have to win ~30 games per day though… If every match took 3 minutes, and you won every single one of them, that would still take 90 minutes. Lots of people, especially F2P’ers, either don’t have or don’t want to sink that much time into the game.


Sure, 700 gold is not hard to get, but the OP’s point is that he previously could use the same easy to get 700 gold to purchase 7 packs and play the adventure for free.

It did get more expensive to enjoy all the content, we can agree on that without labeling it good or bad, right or wrong.