I have doubts about creating a mage deck?!

How is a cheap blood rune death knight deck stronger than an EXPENSIVE mage deck?

What is wrong with the deck?? Since I have all the mage cards for any mode, let’s focus on standard mode.
The mage MAGE deck is TRASH compared to the cheap blood rune death knight deck.


Blood rune Death Knight deck:

Any tips on how to create a strong mage deck that easily beats a hunter, priest, warrior?!

This doesn’t exist, Mage loses to every deck in the t1 meta.

The mage class card designer was made by interns, I’m frustrated and I’m happy to hear that Hearthstone is breaking! The money I spent here I will never get back but knowing that this game is going to end or have a drastic change in how it works makes me less frustrated!
Overwatch 2 will be replaced in the future according to leaks. This company just frustrates!
If the mage had the hunter cards he would be top 1.

Problem with mage is, whenever it has even a sniff at a half decent deck, the community cries so hard that Blizzard almost immediately nerfs it.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a good deck, just “feels bad to play against” according the community and it will still be hit.

Naga Mage just had a nerf in the latest round of nerfs and it was nowhere near being a competitive deck in anything but top1000 legend.

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I’ve been playing this game for 5 years, I’ve never seen the hunter not be first in the rankings! I was spending a lot of money here, with the high prices around the world, I’m now free to play and if Blizzard cuts that, great, I’ll uninstall it again and never install it again! The money I spend here, I no longer make, now I buy licenses on Steam! Hugs!
As I played more in wild mode and still do, I disenchanted a lot of rubbish Legendaries that never ran well in any deck, that warlock TITAN made several Legendaries become rubbish!! They turned to dust! Blizzard mismanages its own game, it destroys it!!

That’s because F2P players cry if a cheap aggro deck isn’t T1. It used to be Pirate Warrior, previous to that and even aggro Druid had a stint in the F2P T1 limelight before hunter

I looked on the internet and couldn’t find it, why is Blizzard nerfing the shaman’s murlocs repeatedly?! The only shaman deck that I thought was strong, the main card was nerfed, but why nerf the murlocs??

Not sure dude, I’ve barely played any shaman in my 8-9 years of this game. Probably something to do with wild.

Really? I thought they recruited the old drunk in the alley behind Blizzard HQ to make Mage cards.


Thought you might pop up in this thread, old friend.

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I fully agree!
All mage cards from these last 2 collections are created and suffered nerfs during the creation process!
The only epic card that is good is that it draws two cards from the deck and has its cost reduced for each school of magic you cast in that match. All the others are rubbish rubbish!! Congratulations blizzard, how to make your own community stop playing your own game!! If the leaks are correct, these incompetent designers will be fired soon!!

There is no justification in the lore of the scenario that a member of the hunter class who is only a bow user and has knowledge in the use of traps is more powerful than a magic scholar! In Hearthstone, spells have already been created to resurrect great minions (he’s a priest!); he always got the best damage spells and strong minions! Hearthstone is a joke!! I’m not going to play this month and I’m already thinking about uninstalling it again and spending another semester without playing anything here!


And you can suspend this user account, because I’m Brazilian and it doesn’t affect me, Brazilians have already given up on this game, I think I’m one of the last ones remaining!! Bye everyone!

Mage is funny because turn 1 arcane wyrm, turn 2 aqua archivist, turn 3 tainted revenant is a pretty strong line. Obviously not incredibly consistent but I think elemental mage is almost there.

Unchained gladiator actually is a pretty good card draw engine as well.