I am wondering, what do you see on ladder?

What do you see on ladder?

I am currenty on diamond 4/5 and all I see are either, facehunters with perfect curve and always have that mech, evolve shamans and agro dh’s.
occasionly a mage or druid. but 90% is just go face untill you are dead.

Blood Priests, Evolve Shamans, Tickatus warlocks, Lifesteal J/k dmg to your face instead Demon hunters. Deathrattle Hunters, Face Hunters, Totem shamans. Secret Mages, and some No minion mages.

I’m running into more druids/mages/paladins/Demon hunters, and few hunters though.

I have no idea what the druid decks are called. And The paladin’s Hammer Paladin with the weapon.

33% demon hunter
17% rogue (suprisingly)
11% warrior from diamon4 to legend

In legend A lot of secret mage and random variants of control warrior

Mostly Shamans and DH. But I am also seeing every other class.

A lot of DH and some Evolve Shaman

save time

nothing fun and a lot roping (toxic emoting and toxic decks I could go on and on there a reason why I drop all rank runs this days at silver 1 even if I’m done by day 3)