I am so sick of crutch cards that allow bad players to still win





It seems like you got roasted.
Get it? By Nomi! Cuz he burns everything.

Ah, never mind.


Nomi at lest cost 1600 dust.
Meanwile 90% of this game is auto-piloted decks played by players with iq no higher then dogs.


You understand the strategy well, but it’s him, not “they.”


Doesnt anybody find it funny that the opponent always draws the nuts and you only draw the nuts lets say every fourth match and that taking into account every opponent is a different one.


You must be a psychic, knowing (a) who the opponent of the OP was, and (b) what their preferred gender pronoun is.
I suggest using your psychic powers to win the next lottery instead of this useless trolling.


I have a special needs child, she’s 12 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. She became interested in this game by watching me play, and watching my favorite streamers like Day9 and Kibler. So I installed the game on her phone and tablet, created her account and worked on unlocking the classes for her. Doing the initial quests to get her the free packs and gold as well.

I set her up with some starter decks and had her start with the Innkeeper. I tried to teach her basic things like the mulligan, value trading, resource management, but she didn’t really get it. She just liked to hit face and watch the opponents portrait blow up.

I encouraged her to stick with the innkeeper and just have fun, but I would catch her occasionally going into play mode. Mostly ranked as it is the default unless you click on casual (this was prior to rank 50 being introduced) . She loved the Mage class, being a die hard Harry Potter fan, and she really like to just Fireball the opponent in the face (lol).

Funny enough, I would watch her and she would actually win a decent amount of games just playing minions on curve, and hitting face. The only time she would really trade was when there was a taunt in the way. Meanwhile, as you can expect, the BM emotes ensued and I would get a little aggravated. She didn’t pay them no mind though, she doesn’t understand the concept of insults, she was just having fun.

Anyway… my point is, when I come to the forums here and see thread after thread about “braindead” this and “retarded” that, it really bothers me. This game is not an IQ test. That amazing control deck that makes you think you are so smart, can be piloted to efficiency by almost anyone. That mega-wombo-combo deck is just drawing the right cards at the right time before your opponent draws theirs. The jist of the whole game is right there in the App Store… Deceptively Simple, Insanely fun.

So next time you want to be pretentious and belittle people for their style of play, maybe take a second to consider that maybe the person you are playing against could have a mental disability, or maybe they don’t have a masters degree in hearthstone like you seem to think you have. Just enjoy the game for what it is, or don’t play it.

Thanks for reading.


There are not enough thumbs up on the internet for your post. Well spoken, sir. Some people need to get a little perspective sometimes. Thanks for providing it.


Seriusly ur my god damn hero man! Nice talk I Have twins 7 years hold autism. One of them died last summer {got hit by a toyota thundra} but she was playng like yours. ur damn right but i guess my girl woud not have been able to rank up till legend but that’s not the point.


Name 3 cards a Warrior plays in the first 5 turns on a regular basis.

Super Collider
Shield Block

Name 3 more cards they play 6 - 10 on a regular basis in a random game.

Warpath Again
Dr Boom


you forget omega assembly and shield slam and 95% of time Brawl and both town crier and militia commender so i think we exacly know how max remoovall the hole deck can have…IT NEED SKILLS!!! HEY LIKE U KNEED TO KNOW WHEN GIVING 2 amor or not haha! like war path to deal 1 dmg to 2x 1/1 = bad and keeping coin all game long to play elysiana and 3/2 bounce is so hot! you detect my sarcasm righ? so basicly they play 3/2 for 50% of games and they keep coins 15 turn…so no tempo boost id say. just make the game durring an ethernity and win after 65 turn. made a mirror match that tooked 1h30-2h this is a fast ranking up! christ if youre not bored afteer sutch game you shoud get a life


You’re an idiot. just thought you should know.


what a sore loser, not even realising he was played by the rogue lol


I honestly cant tell in with the HS forums. Is this a troll or not?


Bad players?
So by bad players you mean “Players who don’t throw their wallets at the game”?
and the good players are the ones who pay to win?

Because that’s really the difference in this game. It’s the have’s and the have not’s. What exactly is the strategy in this game anyways? It’s to get cards to build decks to beat everyone else. Where is the skill that determines a player is bad or good?

$$$$ = success
No money = rank 20 hero


LOL I love this one!!!
Considering I don’t even own Super collider, Zilliax and Dr Boom I guess I’m extra screwed. Also considering my RNG is so set against me that I never get Shield block until late game no matter what I do.

I do however regularly get warpath in my opening hand. Like if I played 10 games I would get warpath in my opening hand at least 50% of the time. Don’t ask me where shield block goes. I think I’ve played 10-15 games on my warrior in the last 24 hours and I have maybe seen it twice.


Town crier and militia commander say hi?

Where are you playing, rank 45?


You must be an ignoramus, not knowing the generic nature of “him” and projecting your gender politics onto the language of others. I suggest, instead of trying to excuse your bigotry by labeling me a troll that you keep your posts constructive as required by the code of conduct.

You can read the Code of Conduct here.


I’m not saying it makes bad players good since I also crafted it myself but Ice Lich Jaina Seems to be the most recent “I WIN” card. Too many times I had people down on their last breath and they play that card and within a few turns they are back up to full health with a board full of minions and I eventually lose.

Even though I own the card they should really re-work that stuff. And no, I don’t want to hear from the 3 people in the peanut gallery who has beaten the card every time they have faced it.


I described your behaviour, not your person. You describe my person by calling me an ignoramus. Guess who of us is violating code of conduct?

BTW, if using “them” is gender politics, then so is using “him”.

Finally: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/they - look specifically at meanings 1.b and 2.