I am so sick of crutch cards that allow bad players to still win


You’re an idiot. just thought you should know.


what a sore loser, not even realising he was played by the rogue lol


I honestly cant tell in with the HS forums. Is this a troll or not?


Bad players?
So by bad players you mean “Players who don’t throw their wallets at the game”?
and the good players are the ones who pay to win?

Because that’s really the difference in this game. It’s the have’s and the have not’s. What exactly is the strategy in this game anyways? It’s to get cards to build decks to beat everyone else. Where is the skill that determines a player is bad or good?

$$$$ = success
No money = rank 20 hero


LOL I love this one!!!
Considering I don’t even own Super collider, Zilliax and Dr Boom I guess I’m extra screwed. Also considering my RNG is so set against me that I never get Shield block until late game no matter what I do.

I do however regularly get warpath in my opening hand. Like if I played 10 games I would get warpath in my opening hand at least 50% of the time. Don’t ask me where shield block goes. I think I’ve played 10-15 games on my warrior in the last 24 hours and I have maybe seen it twice.


Town crier and militia commander say hi?

Where are you playing, rank 45?


You must be an ignoramus, not knowing the generic nature of “him” and projecting your gender politics onto the language of others. I suggest, instead of trying to excuse your bigotry by labeling me a troll that you keep your posts constructive as required by the code of conduct.

You can read the Code of Conduct here.


I’m not saying it makes bad players good since I also crafted it myself but Ice Lich Jaina Seems to be the most recent “I WIN” card. Too many times I had people down on their last breath and they play that card and within a few turns they are back up to full health with a board full of minions and I eventually lose.

Even though I own the card they should really re-work that stuff. And no, I don’t want to hear from the 3 people in the peanut gallery who has beaten the card every time they have faced it.


I described your behaviour, not your person. You describe my person by calling me an ignoramus. Guess who of us is violating code of conduct?

BTW, if using “them” is gender politics, then so is using “him”.

Finally: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/they - look specifically at meanings 1.b and 2.


This entire game is dependent on mulligan and matching for win/ loss and everyone with any sense knows that both are flawed at best.
Beyond that it simply comes down to mistakes made by your opponent. If they make less than you they win


so you lost nomi ? like many other warriors and he/she was bad player ? (but scaled on same rank as you) …and watching high legend rank warriors some times on stream there you see many times really bad plays on warriors and odd trades, but still winning? reason is because they just need to play casually not care much about their resources (except nomi double shadow step)… When i watch rogue plays when they have to go
difficult choices and get win from those 10 last cards. (well i like them ,they are hard working indeed)


Like when you face a Hunter and
Turn 3 there’s an Animal Companion
But even better turn 4 is Houndmaster Shaw. A 1/30 card in a deck but there he is on 4 ready to go.
then Houndmaster with Lynx
Baited arrow and everything is falling into place on schedule for a mid game GG
Then another baited arrow with Dire Wolf Alpha so 2 7/6 devilsaurs running loose on the board

And turn 9 arrives GG. Just like the AI handed it out on schedule.


cool cool. now try again, troll


You know, usually I’d sympathize with you on this one, but… you’re a bomb warrior, lol.


See, you think you’re better. But calling me a troll and a psychic because you reject my pronoun usage or are ignorant of it, is most certainly a violation of the code of conduct.

And using “him” is not gender politics. It is the way the language is.


Why would you dig up a month-old thread just to argue gender politics in a videogame thread? Don’t you have a YouTube comment section calling your name?


Hearthstone is a party game not a serious competitive game.


[citation needed]

  1. I don’t think I am better. Not better than you, not better than anyone. Please tell me where I gave you that impression.
  2. I never called you a troll.
  3. I did, jokingly, suggest that you must have psychic powers. Because you said that your opponent was definitely a “he”. Though men are in the majority in this game, there are also women who play. So you can’t know the gender of your opponent, unless you play friendly challenge. (Or, unless you are psychic).

However, if you feel I violated the code of conduct then by all means report me.

Using they/them is not gender politics either. It is the normal way to address a person with unknown gender.


Skimmed past this and all I can see is people fighting with each other, also bomb warrior is ez af to kill, literally happy to see them as an opponent secondly, clutches are a thing and will continue as a thing, currently got clutched 3 times in a row when I was a star away from rank ten, annoying but that’s how hearthstone do.