I am missing Morgl The Oracle after obtaining it

Custom Support has requested I put in a Bug Report since I have obtained Morgl the Oracle hero skin, but it does not appear in my collection and it prompts me to spend coin to repurchase. My account is Dallen #11219, you can confirm on your end that I have obtained it, but it is not in My Collection.

Below is proof of the Customer Support confirming I have it, and telling me to post here:

[Custom Support confirming I have Morgl.](https://i.ibb.co/Kq518fY/proof.png)

Issue ID: #98140690

-and VIDEO PROOF that is not appearing in My Collection, yet it says it is in my collection:
Video Proof

old wrong message

im not expert for mobile , but the download button on the bg sections means you have to download it ??

Just because i remember some reports of bg bugs caused by not having local content downloaded … but not sure if downloading and restarting game works there .

edit: this selective content download is a new thing , probably is not coded well at the moment

EDIT2 : im stupid , morgl is standard hero , ignore what i wrote.

Yes, sadly I’ve tried uninstalling & reinstalling on both Windows & Android, same issue on both, so it’s server-side. Hopefully they compensate me the gold to just buy the hero, or restore it somehow.

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