I’m not a Hunter player but…

If you want to hit legend fast, do it now, and do it on Secret Hunter.

Absolutely unstoppable by most of the T1 meta, wins fast, wins often. I climbed with a ~75%WR playing a couple of hours a night since reset.

I’m not a Hunter player, in general, I hate everything about the Hunter playstyle. To put this in perspective, on my main account, Hunter is my second least played class with 400 wins (mostly due to Zombeasts because they were fun) my least played is DK at 0 wins because I haven’t played it yet, DH is just above at 500 wins, and the next class up is Shaman at 3840 wins… I don’t play hunter…

Meta will likely shift a bit in the next few days and Hunter is always a good pick during the settling period, but if you care about quick legend, give it a try.

Honest question: what about old school Death Rattle Hunter back in the good ol’ days with Deathstalker Rexxar? OR Highlander Hunter. Never dabbled?

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Inb4 someone chimes in telling you your personal WR doesnt matter.

I tried it yesterday to see what that deck was about. First game was against a Control warrior. I felt I was playing an arena deck and just accumulating secrets and very little damage. I dunno if warrior is a bad MU or I just draw badly, but felt like the worst deck in the world. Insta deleted it after that :man_shrugging:

I am doing fine with druid for now, but maybe I will try it again

I remember being 14 and getting my hands on this card and playing it non-stop. Something about making your own monster was so appealing to me.

Good times that was. Even though back then i was pretty stupid so i was stuck in ‘whatever bronze was back then’.

Probably my favorite card ever printed.

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I think DSR was my free card or the first leggo I opened in KotFT or however it was attained. I think we all got a free DK; that’s it.

Anyway, I was the same. I simply started with having it my deck due to how fun it was. However, it wasn’t long before it actually became Meta with the DR package. Probably my all time favorite deck before HL Hunter/Mage.

walks into the thread

Why’s everyone staring at me?

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Woppertinger hunter, now that was fun!

Played a bit of the DR bomb hunter and a some Zombeasts and that’s about it. Think I tried “big hunter” at some point too, with little success.

That’s very likely, and I mean… i guess they’d be right.

HSR WR is about 56% I think. I struggle to see how anyone could play this deck below a 60%wr though.

I did climb uber fast with arcane hunter (in fact I was the 4th in NA to hit legend this season), and it is definitely a strong deck. But it is not in the same tier as tony druid. If Yogg is nerfed however, arcane hunter would be a tier 1 deck.

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This iteration was okay

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