HS is not dying, but it's forum is

Is this statement corrects?

Use to see so many discussion or thread of various nature.

Pre expansion hype was real, as players constantly updates new card reveals or even look forward to them.

Can feel the warmth (sometimes heated) of the forum, but now feels Frosty or somewhat Frozen…(pun intended)



I thought the forum is only for QQ and flame wars.

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Used to be a better place


i haven’t looked into the numbers myself, but yeah i doubt the game is leaking numbers that badly. Unlike WoW. :eyes:

Death Knights are yawn boring

yeah, seems like the forums have died down in recent expansions

The product used to be better too.


At least for me these forums have been the best part about HS. Since UiS the game has been all about doing the daily chores (emphasis on chores) and hoping that the next patch/expansion will fix the game.


I have been doing this since JTU. last sane expansion this game had.

I liked Uldum and Darkmoon Faire too… back then my bad decks had a fighting chance.


I dunno but its not doing that great on twitch.

It is not this forum specifically. I had a look at the reddit forum and there is nothing there either. No discussions about the game or anything. The BG forum is filled with highroll screenshots and screenshots from funny situations and that is pretty much is.
Sometimes there is a bit of discussion about the game itself or an update but it is pretty rare in general and those discussions are always short with only a few people participating.
And its no different on the constructed forum. Its highroll posts and memes and the occasional complaint.



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No the 3rd party actual official forum Hearhstone Redit is doing well.

It’s true, all the cool people are in Discord :sunglasses:

We put in as much effort into the forums as devs do into making balanced cards…. Soo yeah

The forums died the minute they gave the COMMUNITY the power to police the forums.

Self-policing is significantly inferior to actual Mods, like Jesse, before the change.

And I say that as someone who was kicked in the nuts by actual mods far more often than anyone other than (probably) PRISONER!

The forum community is increasingly toxic, of that there is no doubt. But, because its now self policed, the forum community is absolutely dying.

Its all just a popularity contest without actual mods who give a damn.

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It might be a task not much people might want to take up, a role not recognized by the upper, a job that employee avoids.

Automation was their solution.
The design of it was their choice.

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It’s dead to me tonight. I loved Battlegrounds and I’ve played it alot. However, I refuse to play it now that Leeroy is in. The card completely breaks the game. I lost a game with 200/200+ dragon board because the beast player got lucky 7 turns in a row and we tied every turn because he got a leeroy from the ghastcoiler that ran into my largest dragon AND I could never hit the Baron. If either of these didn’t happen I had 100% win chance. Losing .1% 7 times in a row to a tie then on the final round he gets 3 leeroys from ghastcoilers is complete BS.

A lot of people aren’t excited about how Blizzard’s gonna milk the whales after all those years of repetition. Just the cycle starting all over again.


this is come cope. the game is dying it been dying a long time. with out BG it might have alrdy been gone.