How to rope like a pro

We all know what roping is. Never ending your turn and just letting the rope burn every single turn. Maybe you’re sure you’ll be fighting against a cancer deck. Or maybe you want every tiny advantage you can get. Hey, I’m not judging. I’m the one making the thread after all. But this isn’t about the reasons for roping, it’s about how to make the most out of it.

For the starting hand select phase: When the match starts choose which cards to replace but never confirm it. 1 minute time bonus!

For the first turn: If you have a card to play do so at the middle of the turn and then start roping. Otherwise do nothing, let the rope burn and get ready to play your first card fast next turn. Your opponent will think “They’re AKF, easy win!” before you crush their hopes on your second turn.

For the rest of the game: Play your cards whenever you want but any card which can alter the balance like a board cleaner, a powerful minion or something that will take out a big minion of your opponent should be played at the last moment when the rope is almost burned. This has two bonuses. First, it will be more annoying for your opponent since during most of your turn only less interesting plays will happen and only at the very end of the rope will they find out if you will affect their plans or do something big yourself. And second, that way they will have to spend time from their turn thinking what to use to counter you last play rather than do it during your turn. It’s only a few seconds but every second matters.

When you win: Drop out of roping and just finish your opponent with regular speed, let them see you could’ve always played like that.

When you lose: If you can see it coming next turn concede right at the moment the burning rope reaches the end. Let them wonder if you’ll do something to save yourself or they won until the very end. If you can’t see it coming and they gain lethal during their turn concede quick, show them speed when they expect it the least.

Bonus: If you have or get Nozdormu during the game and want to play him do it as soon as you can and end your turn immediately. Maybe your opponent will be doing something else expecting another rope and won’t have time to react.


roping is elite. it is what makes a pro a pro.

thanks blizzard for this great game feature!


I guess that’s one way to put it. I only got so good at roping from experience. And because when not doing something else the rope gives you time to think about things, like how to make it even longer. A pity secrets don’t extend the rope anymore.

Yeah i do roping against agro deck. Bcs its so skillfull fun and interactive decks they deserve more time to enjoy it.


It’s not just agro opponents but yeah those are my favorite. They’re the most likely to concede. Of course I don’t rope because I expect my opponent to concede, that’s just an unlikely bonus.

So what fun and elaborate things do you do away from Hearthstone when you’re roping and wasting everyone’s time?

The same thing, I imagine.

It actually benefits them now to do so. They earn more xp the longer the match takes, so you are actually helping them

This is why when people rope me now I silently thank them. They are actually giving me more exp. Well, both of us are benefitting

But no matter how bad they rope me, I never rope back. I do the reverse and actually try to play as fast as I can, which leads to the occasional misplay lol

Now they would be dumb to do so. They earn more xp the longer you rope them, even if they lose the match