How to fix battlegrounds

Step 1: Remove Megasaur

Step 2: Invent new minion named Megasore

Step 3: Battlecry: adapt all murlocs randomly

Step 4: Megasore improves battlegrounds and increases Hearthstone playerbase meme potential

Step 5: ???

Step 6: Profit

How about remove megasaur and change it with the paladin dragon stars that has battlecry: give your murlocks divine shield.

This way they can still have divine shield poison but it will be less consistent as they have to cycle toxifins , meanwhile it won’t scale with brand but will still give a great battlecry


This idea sounds good at first until you realize that murlocs generally prefer divine shield over poison. If you get Megasaur and you get to choose between poison or divine shield, you are choosing divine shield in virtually every case because that’s by far the most value. Murlocs can easily outstat their opponents, which is functionally equivalent to having poison. So giving all murlocs guaranteed divine shield will bolster their mid game too much. I’d be fine with a minion giving a single murloc divine shield, but not all of them.

What I will say is that the sudden murloc transition using Brann + Tidehunter + Megasaur won’t be worth the effort anymore, but that probably was never an issue below 10k mmr.


Well you can’t just take megasaur without adequate yet abit worse compensation.

What makes murlocks so strong isn’t the divine shields but the fact that with brann they can get with one megasaur both poison and divine shield and every next megasaur is adding to that either deathrattle, extra health; taunt etc.

If you give them only divine shield it will be it easier to play vs them as you can pop it with the ghoul and you can outstat them as they won’t all have poison as well.

So you give them a solid replacement to megaaaur but still giving them a very good end game .

I think this will surely tone them down just enoght for the others to be able to match them

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Megasore, Tier 6 Beast, Battlecry - Adapt your murlocs randomly for each forum post you made this game.

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This would work well with my golden brann