HOw is there not WAYYY more playable characters?


I was just thinking…
All the bosses and characters from solo adventures and tavern brawls, that are pretty much useless memory…

whats the big deal about limiting all players to this time to vanilla mirror portraits? its just a picture and some stupid emotes that just get squelched anyway.

I would love to play as Firefly instead of stupid Jaina.

$10 cash is too much for the other mage guys, how did they not realize that by now. I would maybe spend the 700 gold an adventure wing cost

Talk about a 0 customizable game


If you’re unwilling to spend actual money on cosmetics, why would they bother offering them?


I dont get it either, it is almost as easy to do as a cardback and would be a great cashcow. Not even talking about the fact that cardbacks are invisible for you almost.
I am not a 6yrs old little girl who cares what my opponent sees as my cardbacks…


there should be plenty to choose from that don’t cost money.

all these female characters they keep pushing like this is a girls game

but there is still no free male rogue or mage character.

Billion dollar game, but cant supply these simple cosmetics that are already there in unplayed game modes.


“Give me free stuff because it’s already there and I want it” isn’t the best argument out there. But hey, maybe this time Blizzard will listen.


do u just sit and practice arguing on here?
you seem desperate for attention and don’t make any sense


I agree 100%. Its very easy to implement and they could charge gold or money. No reason not to.


My spare time at work is too long to just sit idly, but too short to play a game. Thus I post in the forums. I couldn’t care less if you responded or not, I’m just passing the time.

As for not making sense… you’re the one expecting to get stuff for free out of a for-profit company. They’re not going to do that, particularly for stuff that doesn’t affect gameplay. If they start selling cosmetics for gold, more players will expect that to be an option, further lowering cash sales of cosmetics.

Would I, personally, like seeing more cosmetics? Sure!

Would I like them available for gold? Well duh, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Would Blizzard, as a profit-driven enterprise, ever give away cosmetics for free in a game that’s already free to access? I don’t think so, and expecting otherwise suggests a gross misunderstanding of what Blizzard’s priorities are.


Generally, I’m ok with the alternate heroes being available for $$. It’s not for me, but for those who want one, it’s a great option. That said, SuperLegend presents a fair point. Perhaps each class could have two heroes by default, one male and one female. Then the added heroes, earned or purchased, would be in addition to those base portraits.


Haha! What?!

Better than you having a sook though.