How has this infinite turns not be patched yet?

So mage using time warp and recasting with parrot is broken, along with doing this over and over with returning them to your hand, accumulating minions to attack.

I was at 28 HP and time warp got recast so often that those parrots took me out.

Can the hearthstone team add to the time warp that it can’t be recast or at least recast a certain amount of times?

The infinite turn for mage is just a game breaking mechanic that is not fun, plus aimlessly using ice block just to avoid lethal damage is just beta.

BTW what is with hearthstone not fixing these beta, piss poor decks. Stuff like infinite armor, infinite turn, cards giving stealth every turn, if you want to hide behind walls not taking damage GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. You’re just ruining the game and giving people less enjoyment out of an otherwise strategic game. HIDING IS NOT A STRATEGY, it is only a copy and paste poor excuse of a deck.


The deck is not broken. That is why it isn’t getting nerfed.

It’s very boring to play against though.


I think you are looking at it the wrong way. If your way of looking at it is that your opponent plays infinite turns while you sit there and do nothing, this must feel very unacceptable.

But if you look at it just like a combo deck, it makes sense. Quest mage is a combo deck, but once the combo is completed, instead of giving an OTK, like most combo would do, it just gives you opponent multiple turns in a row.

So just look at it as a regular combo deck. You have to kill the mage before he gets to his combo. If you don’t kill him when he completes the combo, you are doomed. Unless your opponent fizzles his combo.

But i do agree that it’s kind of boring to face this deck and watch your opponent play with you like that. Because you actually have to wait, because the opponent can fizzle the combo. If they draw badly they can run out of ways to duplicate the time wrap and eventually fail to find lethal.

So its boring and unpleasant already to watch any combo deck doing his shenanigans waiting to see if you are actually dead or not, but it’s even more when you have to go through it for multiple turns. In that regard, i get you.

But aside from that, it’s just a regular combo deck.


um it’s extremely broken what are you talking about lol? recasting infinite time warps isn’t really a strat anymore than 95% of druid decks. then you all want to complain about aggro decks getting better, more aggressive ending games even faster but yet you’re cool with someone armoring up 76 armor in one turn lol.

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I’m sure it’s annoying once the enemy gets Time Warp up and running, but it’s very much possible to win against. If you play a faster deck you might be able to kill the enemy before they play Time Warp, even if it’s just midrange. Most midrange decks counter control, and this is just a different type of deck that is also good against slower decks. However, I’m sure it’s not fun to play against.

If it’s just as good as everything else, it ain’t broken.


If it was Quest Reno Dragon Galaxy Parrot Mage, then hello. :slight_smile:

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short staffed? would be my guess lol

There’s a counter to everything in Wild. Even “infinite armor” Druids has a counter.

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lol dude it’s hard to even take this seriously, it’s literally a deck that can cast iceblock 4 to 5 times and then take infinite turns. it hasn’t been fixed because it’s not being played enough but it’s insane levels of broken just like turtle mage was.

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They should patch this, they probably won’t because its wild. But only time will tell.


So. I have done some trying with the deck. First of all, i confess, the deck is fun, i like to play it :sweat_smile:

But i have to admit… it… it feels wrong, man. I feel bad playing the deck :sweat_smile: Yet i have already played a ton of decks that are quite unfun to play against. For example one of my all time favorite deck is mill rogue, i have played it for years. And i know people hate to play against mill rogue, and it’s getting worse over time (know mill rogue have a lot of tools to stall the game). Then i loved the darkglare warlock, and i know people hated to play against this deck too. Because it feels unfair, and it facti it was the very purpose of the deck, to present situations that the opponent cannot respond. So i tell you this just to tell i am used to playing decks that are unfun to play against. It’s like that, in Hearthstone a lot of decks are fun to play but unpleasant to play against, it’s like that i don’t feel bad.

But this time, man :grimacing: i feel like i am doing harm to people. Like the opponent just pings you in the face for three turns in a row just to proc the ice blocks, nothing else to do, and then they have to sit and watch you multiple turns in a row, trying to find your lethal. So yeah.

Now i am still uncertain what the matchup spread should look like once i get a good grip of the deck. Because for now the deck just seems a lot stronger than i thought. For example at first glance it looks very weak to aggro but since you have iceblocks, and you can store your iceblocks inside the Sirvala to play several iceblocks, you can still scam a lot more games that i thought. Not saying it’s GOOD against aggro, but certainly not as bad as i thought at first glance.

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Broken? Maybe? Toxic? Definitely.

IMO obviously.

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Hasn’t that deck been like that for a while? I have seen Dane play it for some time now.

Yep, Platebreker gets rid of all the armor. I don’t know of any specific decks that counter the armor druid, but that card can.