How do people feel about dragon druid in duels?

Just asking see what people feel.
I feel like it’s getting a little out of hand since druid has so much mana cheat.

Taunt warrior is better, but if you get both dragon passives it’s decent, maybe the second best right now. Honestly nothing is ‘great’ in duels right now, the meta isn’t remotely settled. I see a lot of people trying to play Reno decks which is interesting because you are going to have serious issues trying to maintain a highlander deck after the first couple card buckets.

Every druid if ran into last few days is nothing but dragon druid hard ramp.

What do i think of druid Dragon Deck? I wanna know where my OP Dragon warrior Deck is at thats what i want to know. Hearthstone Devs just keep dropping the ball on everything…