How can I purchase just 1 Chapter of Dalaran Heist?


Can we only buy the whole Heist for $19.99 now at Battle dot net?

It still says Individual chapters are available for purchase in-game, but I don’t see where to buy them. Am I just missing the place to purchase a single chapter?

I remember reading we could pay for them one chapter at a time in-game with either 700 Gold or $6.99, but don’t see where to do it.

The in-game Shop (the one you get to by clicking the bag of gold coins) just offers me the option of purchasing cards from various expansions as usual.

I’ve completed everything in the first chapter with the Mage on Normal Mode (5 runs completed, including with the Burning Wit and Frostburn Hero Powers).

I usually find these Solo Adventures fun but challenging, and so far this one has been fun but way too easy. Of course, I haven’t tried Heroic yet!




The first intro chapter is free. The store on the right side discusses this in more detail Here.

  • Chapter 3 unlocks May 23, Chapter 4 unlocks May 30, and Chapter 5 unlocks June 6.
  • Individual chapters are available for purchase in-game.
  • You can only access this Adventure after you have finished the intro missions and unlocked all classes.
  • Requires internet connection and Blizzard®® registration to play.


Hey, thanks for the reply – yeah that’s the thing, I played the first chapter for free, and wanted to buy the 2nd one for $ or gold, but the only option it’s showing me is buying the whole adventure for $19.99

Am I imagining things, or didn’t I read we could buy individual chapters earlier this month? If so, where can I buy them?



I’m having the same problem. I beat the first wing, rakanishu has a crown which i guess means the first wing is complete. But where is the option to unlock additional wings with gold?


Yep, Rakanishu has a crown on mine too.

I see no option to unlock Chapter II or III with gold or $ inside the game.

I wonder if this is a glitch in the last little update – when I got the big update (2 gigs or so?) I remember seeing the message that the first Chapter was free, but after that I’d have to pay with gold or $. And I’d be happy to, if only…


I’m in the middle of a run, so I can’t be sure – but on the “map”, did you try to select the second area in the city - Violet Hold?


Hey Impomea, yeah I did, thanks for asking. It’s not responsive in any way.

Wonder if I’m doing something wrong?


Ok, lost on last boss, …again…

On the map of Dalaran, does it show “1/5 Chapters completed” at the bottom. And is there an arrow to scroll the map right to “I. Dalaran Bank” and then another arrow to “ii Violet Hold” ? This screen should have an “unlock” button that allows you to purchase.



Lol, yes, I was somehow totally missing that arrow on the right that takes me to the next page where the Violet Hold is! Purchased! Thanks man :slight_smile:


Cool. I remember it was like finding an easter egg for me too.


Thank you! You are The lifesaver


YES!! Big thanks to Impomea, I was plain confused, thought I searched everywhere even blizzard support couldn’t give me the answer. See you all in the Violet hold.