Holy shoot! Have you tried the new deck building function?


IDK, I’m not a fan, and not due to an increase in net decks, I couldn’t care less what other people play. I understand why it was done, I just miss the old auto-complete challenges. They were already watered down when it was changed to an arena bucket type thing, but a friendly pseudo-arena was fun every now and then. Now its gone completely.

As per above, I know its a long shot, but my feedback for the devs is a random deck option to go alongside the new and improved deck completer. Surely I cant be the only who enjoyed auto-complete challenges where you didnt know what you were going to get.


Because we haven’t had Wild balance patches to help when a deck goes crazy in that format… oh wait we’ve had:

Naga Sea Witch

2 were stated to be nerfs for rotation, 2 to Wild cards, and FTT appeared to be aimed at Wild. You keep being you though and being wrong :wink:


I tried hunter and it gave me 3 times the same sort of deck, though with emeriss/zul’jin i can understand. (beasts combined with spells like dire frenzy and masters call)

Though i got the same sort of deck when i put only boommaster flark in my deck, and he is more reliant on mech synergies/board synergies.


This feature simply made it easier for players to play optimized decks. In the beginning when MTG was first released, you found your information through magazines, attending tournaments, friends, and etc. A lot of players made their own and tested them with their friends.

The internet came and websites started posting the same information. Hence the term “net-decking.”

Blizzard was smart enough to implement this feature straight into it’s client which is awesome! Blizzard is the only one that has ALL the information. Sites like HSReplay and Vicious Syndicate rely on player contribution.

Blizzard, however, has ALL the player information.

Secondly, a die hard home brewer isn’t going to stop building decks just because this feature exists. If you are passionate about what you do, you’re not going to stop.

Finally, you don’t need a complete collection to win and you don’t need one to have fun. This will help a lot of players in deciding what to craft and what not to craft. For example, if a player decides they want to play Paladin, they can easily get an idea of the key pieces in the most optimized paladin deck.

From there, they can determine what the “must haves” are from that optimized deck list and see for themselves how the pieces work together.

Some people are what I call “backwards learners.” Take the puzzle lab for example. I started doing them and then had to look up a couple answers.

I stopped doing the labs because, according to the forum, it was “cheating.”

What I would do is look up the answer and keep doing it until I had a full understanding on how and why it was the right answer. The few that I did taught me a lot about how certain cards interact with one another.

This is how I learn and part of the reason why I always struggled with any kind of math. For some, if you give them the solution, they will keep repeating it until they know how it works.

I think this new feature could be beneficial to me but I guess this makes me a filthy net-decker as well as a cheater.

Why do I hearthstone?

I wonder that every single time I log into the game…


I just made a blizzdeck for each class.

You should challenge me and see who’s filthy netdeck is better!


My druid cards are so sparse it confused the deck builder into adding keleseth onto a deck with 2 mana cards. I’m so hype right now!


I’m waiting for this asset download to finish and then I plan to get some writing done. I already completed my quests. I only have 3600 gold - which goes to show how burnt out I am.


I’ve just done it and I’ve gotten some pretty weird decks. I don’t have a big collection so it’s probably due to that. The most interesting one was for my warrior. I got a sort of highlander dragon warrior. Litterly only 2 brawls for the rest one ofs. I don’t know why it did this, I mean I do have double roaster, double scorcher, double that add two dragons card. Those cards do seem good to have double. Still I love the feature, it can make some interesting decks for people that don’t have a full collection.


i just hope they keep it updated


how long until the people who complain about netdecking( the ones who refuse to understand this is part of any game allowing you to edit decks )
start insulting blizzard over this ?



I’m on like a 6 or 7 game winning streak using my blizzdecks. I took them all to ladder and went from 20 (where I’ve sat mostly not playing recently and casual when I do) to 17 without breaking stride.

I’m actually gonna ladder, I think. This entire thing has made the experience fun (especially since others are doing it too, to some really awesome games!). This is the first time I’ve enjoyed ladder since ungoro!

Thanks Blizz!


Sites like hsreplay still provide deck trackers and statistics has doesn’t reveal, so they are still worth looking at


You’re obviously a troll but implying one type of player is better or more inportant than one type is moronic


I went to see if this was true and the decks I got were all hot garbage.
Baku and Gen in the same deck? Qwest warrior with only 2 taunts? come on…
The synergies were so bad I think just a basic classic deck would do better.


Yeah, it’s a mixed bag. I had a warrior mastery quest and gave autocomplete a go. I was unimpressed.


Hope they can ship this feature to mobile users soon.


my own results were trash. Quest priest with exactly 6 deathrattles and one deathrattle res. Warlock that I don’t even know what it was trying to be.


Maybe it’s a collection thing?

All of mine were very good. Some were near carbon copies of decks we all know (secret pally, even shaman) and it auto filled brilliant replacements for me.

My druid deck was…oof. I have few druid cards and it took the process longer to finish. It’s like it started trying to do one deck, failed to hit some metric of non suckage, then switched gears but left a 2 mana card in when dropping keleseth in.

All others were great. This includes a rush warrior (placed in spirit of the rhino and town crier to trigger it) which earned me r15. I’m literally on a streak that hasnt broken since I started at 20.

Quick thought, however…

Have any of you tried the decks that look…off? Obviously not one with both genn and Baku. But I did notice it ran few secrets in secret pally and the deck overall performed well. Give one a shot, sometimes we value synergy too highly over pure direct single card impact.


I’m never wrong. I’d ask you why you think those changes make a slight bit of difference, but I know the answer to that as well.


Is it? Good luck purchasing card packs for Wild. In case you haven’t noticed, they care much more about money now. And that makes standard players more important than you.


That you’re salty and spoke without thinking.

See we are on the same page =)


Unfortunately, the deck builder is really bad when using limited collections. It doesn’t seem to recognize or understand basic synergies. It added Stampeding Roar into a deck that didn’t include any beasts, and Cavern ShinyFinder without any weapons. I’m assuming those cards were some of the higher win rate cards in my collection, but it doesn’t seem to understand why.