Hero skins have gone backwards


You should be able to buy a variety of skins with gold.

There also should still be exclusive pre purchase skins.


I just realized that Blizzard in the context of Hearthstone only sells card packs, adventures and hero portraits, and if the only way they can change the price of packs is through rarity distribution combined with card design (which takes a lot of time and effort), of course they’d be limited in other ways they can generate revenue and of course they would target hero portraits as a way to entice bundle pack sales, especially because adventures have a free to play alternative cost. We are victims of a simplified constrained system that is taking the approach of least effort using the current set-up available for maximum gain.


what do I mean? it’s not complicated, blizzard wouldn’t be blizzard without the players

sure, the skins in the shop bring no profits at all

2 years ago, we had arthas and maiev, last year we got lunara, this year we get nothing but there’s nothing wrong?


So you are complaining that we didn’t get any free hero, not that there’s a hero locked behind a paywall ?


The problem is the amount of effort it would take to put these portraits into a cash shop and then sell them individually. 80$ pay walls are the way to go because if you aren’t spending upwards of $300 on a single per a year than you aren’t entitled to buy anything anyways.

They will never keep to their word on anything. They are too busy bouncing around all over the place trying to release expansions to have anyone that can actually moderate the overall image of the game.

People like consistency. People like problems being addressed. People want more than just to buy your expansions. The reason they do not listen is because they do not care. They don’t care about the 5$ they can make from your avatar purchase when they can use their time to just code a bundle for $80. that’s 20 to 1 ratio. There is probably some stats guy running the numbers right now telling them that for every 19 people they miss, they will get one guy who’ll buy the bundle.

I have played these games my entire life and never have I ever seen a company slipping so hard from what it was.


Thank Activision. They have fully taken over and will milk the game for all its worth. Notice the Mega Bundles and paywalling of heroes began once Ben Brode left?


and it will stay going backwards looks like

the beast is hungry for money… they know there’s people so happy to throw 80-100 usd for a skin… people really happy with this comes with the argument that “they buy it for the packs and the skin is free” while in truth it’s on them to blame since they support it, if certain people didnt support this kind of shady business there would be all missed heroes on the store and not locked behind a “bundle” as excuse to bait people.


./shrug if all they really want to gate is a hero skin and a shiny legendary I don’t see what the major issue is to be honest. The skins are so ancillary to enjoying this game in my view that I couldn’t care less about them overall.

For me personally it is the question of the extra 30 packs and a golden, instead of regulary, legendary. My gut right now says I’ll probably just buy the $50 bundle if I like what this expansion has. The only way I probably upgrade is if MOST of the legendary minions I see I would want to drop into a deck for Wild.

So far I have little interest in Rafam for Wild (although in Standard would like) and Kalecgos is one I would like as I’d like to see the possibility, eventually, of a Big Spell Mage style that can do decent in Wild. I actually think that is far closer than others and Kalecgos helps as Dragon synergy in the early game could be a nice way to gain early defensive help.

Edit: Also, I’d assume it is apparent that the heroes by themselves didn’t sell well at all. The first three hero portraits were $10 and then they stopped that process and started giving them for free and then moving them to bundles. I’d assume the reason the $10 bundle was ditched is that it sold minimally. Magni is the only one I see with any frequency and even that is decently rare.


Stop saying were paying 80$ for a skin plz…You do realize it comes with 400 cards and a gold Ledgendary too right.
I do however think they should sell hero skins…a ton of them…there should be at least 20 in the store to buy right now! For realz


All you guys miss the point that skins are just cosmetic in a F2p game. You should be happy that payers or whales support the game you play for free.

It is totally fair that payers and whales have some exclusive cosmetic stuff for their support that f2p players don’t have access to. Even though I agree there could be some alternate pay options to skins.


The only problem w hero skins is Tyrande.
A lot of ppl want to buy her, she’s the only cool skin alongside the 3 in the store, all the other skins just-aren’t-cool politely subjectively.

Tyrande, Medivh, Magni, Alleria are the cool ones, and Tyrande being that one-time promotion so early on in the game’s life, when most of us weren’t cool spending money on the game (we were f2p + having an almost full collection believers at that time). We were chasing the F2P carrot, that not-spending money somehow could get you all the cards early in an expansion, or even by the time the next expansion come’s out, to also have gold/dust piled up for that next expansion…it’s a crazy amount needed that in no way is possible not even close (unless you don’t want the full epics and legendaries…thus you’re not a f2p collector, just a f2p person who only plays a couple decks and can’t deckbuild realistically).

It’s not like Tyrande wasn’t cool, it’s that we didn’t want to spend money on the game back then, like at all.

If Tyrande was avail for purchase…Blizz would have no-cost to that, and for-sure earn a chunk of revenue insta. It’s a total win-win, they aren’t earning any revenue with her unavailable, there is like zero cost to unlocking her. It’s a win-win to make Tyrande available.

The cost?
Oh you played hearthstone back then (like everyone else) and also were willing to spend money back then (not like everyone else)? Blizz you made one-cool hero skin besides the big-3, and it doesn’t make sense to keep her not-available?


people are overreacting to the skin bundles
someone made a thread claiming F2P players care so much about skins theyll stop playing because they cant get them for free…:roll_eyes:


And don’t forget Tyrande was availabe only to six countries, while everyone else simply couldn’t get her, no matter how they tried (not even VPNs worked).


Get something? Ok . Being the only ones who can get hero skins? Not Ok.

Instead of locking the skin in the ultra mega hyper bundle, Blizzard should create smaller bundles with the skin, something F2Ps could consider getting.


If you ask me, this ties into to longer challenges/ rewards. Of course, everybody talking abotu a better achievement and quest system has been done to death, but I just wish this game was more cosmetic aside from us getting an alt portrait in ties with expansions, and one from every April.


This is why you need to proofread longer posts. You did a good job setting up this whole big call to action to make the heroes separately purchasable, but you also contradicted yourself in the very first paragraph.

Assuming you also keep them in the mega bundles, sure. I can and have gone on a rant about this but the tl:dr is that the mega bundle is cost efficient, which makes the hero effectively free albeit with a large barrier to entry. Paying any amount of money for the hero is an objectively worse deal, although it might be the only option that is literally affordable to some people.


I don’t want the cards or the legendary. I just want the skin.


Just buy the mega bundle, gg. Cosmetics in F2p games costs money that’s how it should be, because skins gaves payers sth. for their financial support. Your game experience is not handicapped by cosmetics/skins.

Another option might be, if Blizzard would offer skins like Lazul in the shop like they did with Magni, Alleria and Medivh. I would appreciate this as well.


No blood tears came out yet? Maybe you need 50 more Hero Skin cry threads.

Just some suggestion right there, free of charge.


What is so freaking hard to understand about people pointing out exploitable marketing trends and bad business?

No one here is contesting to say that you shouldn’t invest in games for support and be rewarded for it. But why do you need to spend 80$ for something that’s cosmetic?

When will that stop? How about we make something that’s $500 for a cosmetic?

What about a million dollars. You idiots would eat it up and be like. “Well you should be rewarded for supporting the game rawr rawr rawr.”

This business model is what is kicking off Blizzard to switch over onto mobile platforms. Last I checked on Android OS. Hearthstone is Top grossing #8.

Activision has their fist inside Blizzard’s *** because they are demanding better and faster returns. Which means future projects are going to end up this same way. Diablo Immortal, whatever the hell is happening with that.

F2P Gaming has nothing to do with what’s going on. “Being a douche and putting your cosmetic items in some huge package and then never releasing them to the store like everyone was asking for” is what’s going on. Has been going on for a long time.

Get the picture Blizzard.