Hearthstone rope timer no timer at all!

So i just had a game that was completly unfair.

I was playing my oddwarrior deck gathering as much armor as i can. And my oponent was playing the Antonidas deck. you know. cloning your 4 sorcerer apprentices and going free fireball. I knew this yet i did not care because i had a plan.

He was drawing cards like crazy and i decided to gather as much armor as posible can. So at the trigger of his deck he had 1 card in the deck left and i had 16 with comfortable 52 armor and 30 health. that makes around 82 health. now why did i not care you might ask?

He puts down his combo and start bursting fireballs at me. but i knew he could not get 82 hp down with fireballs within the time limied. Indeed the rope started.
By the time the rope was at his end i still had 12 armor left and 30 hp. I had a brawl on hand so i knew it was a win for me. Then something completly amazing happend.

The rope just stayed at end buring for 30 seconds wile he completly fireballed me to zero. Now this is no bug ladies and gentlemen.

The game sees he does a action therefore extends the time to finish his action. but because he does action after action the rope time extends as well. even if he just got a new fireball from the trigger and usses it.

In otherwords. The rope timer is no timer at all if you can just keep spamming cards no mather how or what you got them in.

In mt view this is unfair since he has that set time to do his actions and if the combo does not fit in that time he should have done it faster. The rope timer should have exploded expening the last action take on the time with the card he played last during the rope explosion.

Otherwords that rope timer would not be a timer at all right? or am i seeing this wrong?


He did the actions before the rope burns out, if he plays on pc, he can queue all the actions without waiting for the animation. The rope keeps waiting once this happens.

Ive seen an odd warrior outrace quest mage before but he was closer to 180 health than 100. You were nowhere near comfortable.

hmm. mnaa my oponent was late putting down his combo. so the rope wa salready 3/4 underway when he put down his first fireball. So the trigger fireballs after the rope end he could still use because he was busy with actions.

i never seen a odd warrior outrace questmage. are you sure the timer would still end after set amount of actions?

If you watched the Winter tournaments at you would have seen player using the OTK Test Subject deck. In this deck you have to a million moves to make two 80/1charging bars (in this particular game) and slam your opponents face.

But just like your match, on the other end the guy just sees a rope burning while the player who did the task was sitting back drinking a bottle of water. On his end his turn was down, by the time the pop on the other end gets all that information - the rope is still burning.

Nothing about the time or timer has changed - the player still did it in a minute and half - the other side just doesn’t process it all yet.

And no - no matter how much armor you have - if you exordia mage 2.0 gets out its combo you’re dead. Just like when Shudderwock (sigh I miss you Shudders) could beat unlimited armor.

yea but what i am trying to say here. does that not seem a bit unfair. a timer is a timer. when a timer is at its end, the turn ends right?

Its not when my life finaly is over i turn to God and say “sorry your just gonna have to wait until i finished my 120 items on my bucket list”. I die then as well.

What i am trying to say here is. the timer counts for all types of decks. Exept the right combo deck. then you can just take your time until you run out of actions. which in a loop deck is like never. So a loop combo deck going of has infiniate time basicly.

Being forced to wait until the animation ends to queue the next action would feel extremely clunky and I don’t think any of us want that. You don’t get infinite actions. Only as many as you manage to play before the time runs out. You don’t get any extensions, but the animations are played after your turn is already over.

I agree. But lets say hypothatical it is a delay in the animation from actions already taken. The delay is not there when the rope is still burning off. The delay would only be visible at the end animation (the rope explosion). It ha snot finished the animation for the actions taken, lets say playing 12 fireballs. Thus it has to wait with the explosion. But it does not need that delay when its still burning off.

But for the oponent it looks like the rope extends for actions that still awayts the action stack. So in other words what your saying is the delay in the animation mis informes the oponent.

Its kinda bad when you get a feeling that you should have won because the timer is at the end. but in reality you did not, because your oponent already played all of those cards. The animation just had to wait for it so it pauzes until all played actions within the timer are played. But because of that pauze it looked like the player had infinate time :confused: