Hearthstone Mercenaries Bug Compilation - 25.4

I’ll leave this here:

So, you still need to go to normal if it says ‘Normal’, according to my experience. See also: Mercenaries: Visitor tasks not completed on heroic (25.0) (already linked above).

Confirmed. Heroic still does not count, normal is just now specified for visitors. While I can understand this as a solution, the change in question is rather different from the one that was said to be implemented in the patch notes. This seems similar to the Ysera change in removing the Shadow tag from her Nightmare ability (despite it still scaling from nature speed with no tag).

Encountered another one, where Tess discovered Cold Snap, and it didn’t freeze on deathblow. A common theme? Namely, ‘deathblow’ apparently not triggering on discovered, i.e. those that have this keyword, abilities.

I have personally not had a problem with discovered deathblows. Namely I’ve used Y’Shaarj’s first ability a few times with Tess in PvP. I’ll do some more active tests regarding this when I get the time.

Since the 2 last patches, in Mercenaries (French version) : the visitor tasks don’t display the name of the boss of a bounty anymore, instead of the name of a boss for a bounty, it is written : “bounty n (Normale)”
(FR client on PC)
So, it is impossible to know which boss I should fight for completing the task and I don’t have the time to try them all. 3 or 4 other French people reported the same bug in other posts, one on the French forum which will never be seen by developers (here : https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/fr/hearthstone/t/description-des-primes-des-mercenaires-en-visite-au-feu-de-camp-buggée/5763) and the other one in another post on this forum, here : 25.0 Known Issues - #23 by Autum-11999

Blizzard team, thank you in advance for solving this issue and plenty of kisses for you :heart:

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Same here (french version, so impossible to know which bounty to perform), thanks for having reported this. Hope this will be fixed in next patch.

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I’ll take the liberty of linking this here: Wrong music in Mercenaries after opening shop. A small matter, but a bug nonetheless.

After a glance through the updated collection:

Wasn’t this ability essentially creating base copies of mercs, whether documented or not? I don’t remember…

Yes, observed that with the Echo of Medivh. Acolyte of N’Zoth used to do this with those tentacles, but then it got fixed in some patch, by the way (don’t remember which, but I’ve written about it somewhere) — reminds me of this.

PS You’ve still not added some of the issues we discussed and confirmed here (Ysera’s Verdant Breath comes to mind, although I haven’t tested it as per the current patch)… Just a friendly reminder. :slight_smile:

No, the intention of the ability is to copy the arcane damage that Medivh gives your mercs at the end of each turn. Additionally it copies treasures and equipment.

I apologise for that. I haven’t had the time to test some of the more time consuming bugs such as those related to boss fights (kresh, azshara, icehowl). If there’s any you’d specifically like listed let me know and I’ll try to prioritise those.

Yes, but not buffs, for instance, if memory serves (on my way to the boss to test it right now).

No problem at all: as said — a friendly reminder.

I understand. Verdant Breath was confirmed, I think, just not added to the list.

Oh, by the way: do you consider it a bug that Onyxia’s special animation (with her base portrait) disappeared?

Well not buffs because it specifically states that the copies are set to certain stats (12/20 in heroic I believe). It also definitely copies things like Y’shaarj’s damage reduction from the second skill, however did not copy the deathrattle from Bone Games. It’s very inconsistent from other Copy effects.

Ah yes that was a while ago. I thought I added it. I also tested it as of patch 25.0 and it’s not fixed so I’ve added it for sure this time.

I’m not sure if I’d consider it a bug, but since it was without notice and seemingly for no reason I’ll opt to add it. ‘all or nothing’ is still the approach I aim to go for.

While the trail is still fresh…

Damaged, not undamaged.

Alright, if it’s still broken as of 25.0, I’ll test something else first, perhaps.

You’re right. Passive stats buff (from treasures) are applied on top of that, though.

Yep, exactly: we used to have this feature (was that animation from the other Onyxia’s card, by the way? The one that looks like that portrait, namely Onyxia the Broodmother?), then they added another one for the ‘Raid Boss’ version, however, the base portrait (and its golden variation) broke, so likely a bug (regression).

Yep. This is consistent with other copy effects in hearthstone.

Most if not all animations in mercenaries came from an existing card. I do believe Onyxia’s original animation came from her Broodmother variant.

Indeed, there was even a Reddit post (referenced in the topic linked above) specifying the details for some of the less obvious ones… But I digress, sorry.

Thanks for confirming this. By the way, as of the current patch, it is still only the ‘Raid Boss’ portrait that has its special animation.

Tested it now, while also grinding some Chromie’s tasks at the same time — still broken. This one’s not that hard to reproduce: a relatively simple way to do it is to go to an easy bounty (first levels of Heroic Barrens will do), use Cookie to summon those fishes (you can also take Lady Anacondra for convenient HP manipulation, although it’s not strictly necessary) and keep using Finley’s second ability until you discover Fish Feast.

Confirmed. May affect other deathblows and other discovers, but I’ll just add this one for now.

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Yeah, as said, I think I’ve had an instance with Tess, but this one is the easiest to test, to begin with.

PS What server do you play on? Something like this (as well as some other exotic bugs I’ve seen reported on this forum) is easiest to reproduce with a friendly game in the fighting pit, so if you’re on EU, feel free to add me for these purposes.


While I appreciate the offer, when a particularly unique bug needs testing what I do is open up 2 instances of the game and play against myself. It’s a little time consuming but not by too much and is probably easier than coordinating times with another person. It’s how I found confirmed bugs like the friendly challenge bug and the Brightwing’s Ring positioning bug.

Nevermind, then…

Yep, that’s also a possibility and probably easier in this scenario.

Tess + Cookie vs Varden Dawngrasp solo is the next suggested testcase, then (easy to set up a deathblow with a discovered Cold Snap this way).

Here’s another old one with Finley that is still present as of this writing: Maxwell gives bonus hitpoints to some friendly murlocs, and, at least in case of minions (tested with Murky’s Marching Murlocs), these get ‘reset’ somehow if they take damage. It’s a bit hard to formulate, and I’m a bit tired for that at the moment… I can provide an illustration, though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytIGAknbsP0&t=116s (he also talks about this in the video at 1:02, and maybe his formulation is good enough).


I’ll do this one some other time, but I’ll make sure it’s the next thing I test. Admittedly I’ve been getting burnt out on mercs in general. Bug testing and in particular keeping this post up to date is one of the only threads remaining that I’m allowing to keep me playing the mode. If you’re eager to co opt the process or to speed things along I’ll start to accept video evidence as a substitute for personal testing. Just provide an imgur link in the comment so I can review it. It’ll also help with figuring out setups if I find it necessary to repeat it for myself.

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not a bug but the fact that training grounds always loads level 30 mercenaries is just a bad idea.