Hearthstone Masters Tour Silvermoon Viewer’s Guide

Hearthstone Masters Tour Silvermoon Viewer’s Guide

The Masters Tour returns this weekend, only on YouTube!

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Garbage Meta. Garbage Game. What’s the point of watching this crap?


Must be really interesting, watching who will beat the fastest Solitaire!

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maybe fix your game and people will be excited about it?

clearly the community isn’t having fun.

the quests are completely busted and solitaire.

zzzzzzzzz how long can this go on

Don’t watch crap Son😅
Read books 'bout Frodo or Harry Potter
Eat healthy food and go to bed before 9pm

Why there’s no official Russian language stream? It’s 2021 Outside a millions of fans who speak Russian (half of world) and y’all can’t stream at Russian.
If y’all need help with that - contact Me
Will work for :kiwi_fruit: food

I’d rather like to see a post on how you plan to fix this uncreative, unimaginative meta rather than promoting yourself and ignoring glaring mistakes you’ve made.

The vast majority of high-level players say this environment is the best in years*, with impactful decision points and requiring a very high skill.

Yet, random Internet posters assert this is the worst environment ever (“solitaire”, “broken”), which followed the worst environment ever (“created by”), which followed the worst environment ever (“Lunacy RNG FTW”),…

In other words, people will always find a way to complain. If you’re not interested in Hearthstone at this particular moment, just tune in and mute the stream to get your packs and move on.

Personally, this season of Grandmasters has given me some of the most memorable moments ever as a Hearthstone viewer. I’m looking forward to see how the Masters Tour players will navigate this complex environment.

(* Sources: Comments on Twitter and on Twitch from alutemu, bunnyhoppor, orange, sennsuki, Sottle, Thijs, xBlyze, etc.)

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You’re in the minority there Coriolis. Plus how does a solitaire meta define impactful points and requiring skill? It’s basically smorc aggro turn 4-6 game over. The expansion shouldn’t have been released like this. They’re basically just swapping over to a more aggro centric game for more mobile access.

I do not receive drops from YouTube, although everything is linked correctly. Support refuses to help me :sob:. I hate Blizzard’s attitude towards players :rage:


Они просто обнаглели эти Blizzard! Мне тоже не чего не дали, хотя смотрю уже 2 недели каждые выходные и по часов 6!

Accompt linked and watched 5 hour of silvermoon shenanigan without any droped pack :rage:

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I have to agree with Coriolis this is the best meta in years. I am in lower ranks and mmr right now, and I agree there is a lot of smorc because those players can favor it because it’s more easy to play and understand. However, I’m playing quest DH with brutes and there is a ton of fun decision points and puzzles.

I think what people get wrong about calling something “solitaire” is that remembering what’s left in your deck, what kind of discounts an opponent has, what kind of disruption you and opponent has, and what kind of cards they have/haven’t played is part of the game, but you can’t see it. If you’re not playing with this unseen info you should be keeping track of, I can see how it feels like “solitaire”. For example, if I see a quest mage is having bad turns if i don’t have minions on board, I assume their hand may have lots of spells that need to hit minions. I can play around it by avoiding playing minions or killing my own minions. But you can’t see it.

The team is really making the game fun and more complex and I applaud them for it.

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Did anyone already get the two packs for following the Youtube stream? My account is linked and is has been definitely more than four hours. But perhaps the packs are provided after the event?

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Watched 2 hrs yesterday and I got one pack. I watched a littile today, I would expect another pack tomorrow.

Of course he is the minority. Basically only high skilled players understand that the game isn’t just smorc and solitaire right now lol.

By the way, ‘smorc’ x ‘smorc’ is actually one of the highest racking skill decisions ever. Even one single mistake can be the deciding thing on a match. Control on other hand, can make a lot of mistakes and still live on. I guess you want those metas where you keep discovering endless cards and call that ‘skill’.

Explain to me what control deck is competing against the current smorc meta, your argument is invalid. The majority of games are over by turn 6. There is hardly any skill involved in the current meta. it’s just a race to see who completes their quest the fastest and then burn down without much board interaction. This is one of the worst metas in years.

Same. Watched around 6-8 over the last 2 weekends and no drops. Account is linked, verified it is linked and there are no drops. What gives Blizz?

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a control deck to kill smorc easily. Shaman overall for example is pretty good against it, all it takes is too look at matchups/do some research. The matchups aren’t all ‘auto play your top decked AOE and clear the board and auto win’ anymore. So yeah, if my argument is invalid, you’re not making any argument at all here.

Go watch Orange Rogue Garrote x SnBrox DH Lifesteal matchup that is going right now at Master Tours day 3, if you think that is ‘0 skill HS’ then you’re a lost cause. Can’t explain better than that honestly, specially since a video is worth waaaaay more than any words written here. (Or just watch Orange play overall)

‘This is one of the worst meta in years’ kinda proves my point about you believing discovering 3 obvious soul mirrors and infinite cards to spam = ‘skill’ and ‘healthy hearthstone’ lol. You’re basically mad because Control Priest is dead now, but hey, that happens to all classes sometimes and I bet you never ever cared about that, huh? Adaptation is a sign of a good player by the way. Constant complaint on forums isn’t.

Anyway, not gonna waste my time here anymore, some people here and the competitive community understand what I’m talking about and that’s enough for me. Have a nice day.

It’s all strange. I watched it for about 10 hours during this tournament and received only 1 pack.